The Old Gods And The New

The good thing about episodes of Game of Thrones: even if one storyline is dull, another will likely make up for it. And so, this week, a few of the settings that were bubbling up last week take a back seat and we get action in previously quiet locales.

So, it’s time for a little regional news, then. Meanwhile, in Winterfell and the Wilderness...

We’ve been getting regular updates on Little Lord Bran’s progress in taking on Winterfell, and things finally go bad as the newly evil Theon turns up to take the place by force. He shows some signs of reluctance, but these are dissolving, and soon he may well join Joffrey on the list of characters who I’d happily see hacked in half. Much like he did to poor Ser Rodrik. Sob.

In fact, Winterfell collapsing and the riot in King’s Landing combine to create the clear image that all is not well in Westeros. The multi-way King squabbling has left the people in a state of desperate horror, and that riot scene showed it off in the best way possible, letting both the always-excellent Tyrion and the intriguing Hound have their moments.

Meanwhile, the men of the Night’s Watch have been on a prolonged nature walk all season, and, to be honest, haven’t had the most interesting stories. Considering how major he was in season 1, Kit Harrington’s Jon Snow must be feeling neglected. But it looks like that might be changing, as he finally meets a girl, and has some endearing if obvious scenes with her.

A good week for wildling women all round, actually, as Osha takes sides with the Starks. Elsewhere, Arya and Lord Tywin are still tensely great and Robb gets a chink in his armour of perfection as he flirts with an unauthorised female, whilst Danerys has swapped standing around in deserts for arguing with fantasy role-players as her standard action, it seems.

Because like it or not, this was episode six. Last year, to be honest, most of the major action took place in episodes eight and nine, with ten largely epilogue, so will things be taking off next week? Will Jaime Lannister ever get another scene? Why is it spelt “Jaime” and pronounced “Jamie”?

So many questions, so little time. But in the meantime, some good scenes for under-used characters this week, a worthy addition to the season.

Game Of Thrones airs on Mondays at 9PM on Sky Atlantic. More details on their official site.

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