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The first episode of the third season of Warehouse 13 picks up a short while after the season two finale, with the Warehouse family all missing Myka’s presence after her shock resignation at the end of season 2. But a life working with mysterious and powerful supernatural artifacts goes on apace and we join Arty, Pete and Claudia on a mission to secure Jimi Hendrix’ guitar which is causing all manner of problems. As they work towards their goal, they get rumbled by ATF agent Steve Jinks – who appears to have the ability to tell if people are lying – and so Arty has to tell him the truth.

At that point it’s only a matter of time before Mrs Frederick appears at Jinks’ apartment and recruits him as Pete’s new partner. After all, we know the Warehouse likes to employ agents with special instincts/powers; that’s how Pete initially got onto their radar. The only problem is, Pete doesn’t want a new partner – he wants Myka back. In fact, he’s positively moping – not even biting at a boob joke. However, partner up they do and off the two go to investigate some mysterious deaths. When they discover there’s a Shakespearean connection to the deaths, Pete jumps at the chance to go consult his former partner – rather than actually read some Shakespeare as Jinks dares to suggest.


Myka’s working at her father’s bookstore, trying to get on with her post-Warehouse life. However the visit from Pete and his new partner awakens the old agent in her and she informs them of the legend of the cursed lost folio of Shakespeare plays, where the first person to touch a page with a death scene pictured on it will die in the same way the character did (for example, stabbed multiple times, à la Caesar). That sends the two men back on an investigative trail that ends at a hotel with a financial conference on. When Jinks’ life is threatened by one of the folio pages, Myka rushes to save the day by knowing exactly what Shakespearean words to speak to stop him from dying. She then has to repeat this neat ‘trick’ when some of the financial executives also receive pages of the cursed folio.

Returning to the Warehouse, his first mission accomplished, Jinks now has to come to terms with what he’s seen with his own eyes over the past few days. Mrs Frederick, meanwhile, visits Myka and has brought a very strange ‘gift’ with her – the consciousness of H G Wells – who speaks to Myka from the heart and sets her back on the path to Warehouse 13.

And so the team is all back together again before the end of the first episode. I really appreciated this, because I didn’t want to lose Myka anymore than Pete did!! I was all set to really dislike any new team member that might oust the one I’d grown to love over the first two seasons, but Aaron Ashmore’s Steve Jinks is actually a neat addition to the team. He has no sense of humour, but great comedy timing and slots into the well-oiled cast much better than I’d expected.

Warehouse 13 is shown on Syfy UK on Thursdays at 9pm.

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