The Man from the Other Side

And so it comes to pass. Peter knows now that he was born in the alterniverse, though he’s not the titular man from the other side. This man is the key which unlocked Peter’s realisation. Walter did not tell him as he’d said he would, although he attempted to during this episode. Nor did he learn from Olivia of his origin. He put the pieces together himself thanks to a truly elegant mechanism by which the writers allowed him to understand. The result wasn’t good (although not unexpected either). Peter does not want anything to do with Walter given what he now knows to be true, plus he thinks his mother killed herself because of the situation caused by his ‘Father’. By the episode’s end Peter has gone – I suspect to try and find a way to the alterniverse, something I’ve thought would happen for a long time once he found out the truth.

We saw the return to our world of Newton (the resurrected head of the alterniverse shape-shifting folk); the man who searched for, found and replaced the missing parts of Walter’s brain in order to learn how to create a doorway between the two worlds. It transpires he and his team are trying to transition something from one world to the other and will do so in a similar way to how Walter and Belly did years ago – by using geometry and harmonic vibrations. If two equilateral triangles are placed (one in each world) in the same position and allowed to vibrate, the two worlds will swap at the centre, meaning all items / people etc. will change worlds. The effect of this is devastating, to our world at least. We see it when an FBI agent just disintegrates. Peter doesn’t though. Nor does the man from the other side. And so Peter understands. A key milestone in the arc of the character built into the week’s plot mechanic and linked to the holistic plotline happening across the season – a finely worked piece of drama. Top marks to the writers again – they really are embellishing this show with excellence. Also, kudos to Joshua Jackson and John Noble – fantastic acting in the scene they shared where Peter told Walter what he now knew. Everything in this show is just solid and of the highest quality.

The bulk of this show was to set-up the crossing over of Mr Secretary, an apparent bigwig from the alterniverse who is clearly important to the cause given the effort Newton’s team went to make it happen, and the fact that three from three died in making it so (not Newton, just his team). The dead travelled to our world appearing as embryos reminiscent of the Alien eggs from Ridley Scott’s eponymous movie and just as deadly once they hatched – though in this instance they turned into human-sized Brundlefly-type beasts needing to find a human into which they could shape-shift as soon as possible. The kids in the opening scenes of this hourlong were in the wrong place at the wrong time. It’s interesting to see that these alterniverse beings are so heavily mechanical that even a ‘dead’ embryo can be brought to life given enough electricity, even if only temporary in this instance thanks to Walter’s previous dissection incisions. Who is Mr Secretary though? I suspect we’ve met him. I have a worrying niggle that it’s Belly. I don’t see how that would work in the show but stranger things have happened.

Next week we have a musical episode (which seems so out of place it may just turn out to be amazing). Will we see any of the aftermath of Peter’s awareness regarding his true origin? Whether we do or not I have high hopes given similar episodes in shows past (Buffy, Scrubs).

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