The Good Place: 4.12 Patty

The Good Place: 4.12 Patty

The gang have gotten to the Good Place, and after the journey they've had, it feels well deserved. With offerings such as headphones that let you hear all the nice thing people have said about to behind your back and stardust milkshakes - it really does appear to be thoroughly amazing. But then a spanner is thrown in the works; it turns out eternal paradise gets kind of boring. What's left once you have been able to do literally everything you ever wanted?

This wasn't the difficulty that I was expecting the befall the gang in the Good Place. If anything, I was half expecting Vicki to have been lying and sent the balloon somewhere else. So this episode's plot was a pleasant surprise. Lisa Kudrow as Hypatia was also an absolute delight, bringing her usual whimsy to a character with a brain turned to mush from shear boredom.

My favourite aspect of this episode was its continuation of the idea that non-humans are actually very bad at knowing what is best for humanity. They made a system that didn't work and did nothing about it for hundreds of years; they spent just as long trying to fix the Good Place before giving up and tricking Michael into taking their place as leader.

Like much of the rest of the show, this overarching theme can be seen as an allegory for more real aspects of our world. The Judge and the Good Place Council have never experienced being human; they have no real point of reference for making a system by which to sort the good from the bad, or to truly know what it is that humanity wants. While not an exact parallel, this made me think of how many of those in the ruling class are just as distant form the majority of the population of our world.

Things like this have, overall been one of the best things about The Good Place. It deals with large sociological concepts with levity and laughter, whist also taking them seriously. It give a space to think on these issue, but also gives the escapism of a sitcom. With next week being the show's final episode, I am very happy with the journey this show has taken us on. It hasn't been perfect, and at some points has been ham-fisted in its moral tales, but it has been good, bright and hopeful all along the way.

Whilst it is always a little sad when a TV show that you love ends, this is definitely the right time for The Good Place to give its last goodbye.

The Good Place (2016–)
Dir: N/A | Cast: Jameela Jamil, Kristen Bell, Ted Danson, William Jackson Harper | Writer: Michael Schur

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