The Good Place: 4.08 The Funerals to End all Funerals

The Good Place: 4.08 The Funerals to End all Funerals

The Experiment is over, and The Judge is about to preside over the most important case in the history of everything. But the humans and Janet are locked out, so it is just Micheal left to fight for the sake of humanity. This was a little concerning, considering his meltdown at the beginning of the experiment that caused Eleanor to become the architect. But he was really on form, even if the insults he had prepared for Shaun were more than a little useless.

The improvement rates of the humans did come as somewhat of a surprise. The season  gave so little time with the the members of the new group that weren't Brent, there wasn't any way to see that they had improved other than the numbers on the screen. Which feed into to my point from previous weeks; that the story of this season has moved so fast and been so convoluted that we really haven't been able to see any in-depth progress in the personalities of the four new test humans.

Meanwhile the gang are giving each other their ideal funerals and speaking sweet eulogies. The genuine connection and friendship between each of them is touching. They make each other better, a sentiment which is the very heart of both the show and many of the words they say about each other this episode. Each of their funeral locations is honestly ridiculous, from Tahani's in a private jet, to Jason in a diving board, something which lets their personalities shine through. This aspect of the episode was very sweet and served as a reminder that each person is unique, and whilst they may be easy to judge, that doesn't make them inherently bad people. These displays of unabashed compliments and feelings was nice to see, as so many people in real life find it difficult to be so candid with those they love.

After seeing the numbers that we will just have to take a face value, The Judge concedes that the points system is not a good way to judge humans for the afterlife. Thought the joy at winning isn't felt for long as her solution to this is to completely reset Earth, destroying all of humanity. Understandably, the gang aren't happy about this. So they decide to wake up Chidi and give him the monumental task of fixing the system.

Once again this is just another complication to what could have been a relatively simple season. It's almost as of they are trying to end each episode on a bigger cliff hanger that the last, something which hasn't bored me yet but could before the season ends next year.

I understand the decision to add a lot of plot twist to this season - after all it is something that The Good Place is known for. But when they happen every episode, it is very easy to get fatigued. Whilst each episode is fun to watch, it is also a little tiring. Why should the audience invested in a plot line when it might be completely turned on its head next episode?

Fortunately what has happened so far hasn't been so twisty and turny that I am no longer excited for the ending, but I'm not sure how much that excitement will last over the Christmas break in a few weeks. With how quickly media moves now a days, will the investment still be there?  I'm not entirely sure.

The Good Place (2016–)
Dir: N/A | Cast: Jameela Jamil, Kristen Bell, Ted Danson, William Jackson Harper | Writer: Michael Schur

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