The Good Place: 3.02 The Brainy Bunch

The end of last week's episode saw Adam Scott's obnoxious demon Trevor return to The Good Place. He appears as a fourth participant in Chidi's thesis study in order to destroy the group, and make sure that the morality experiment is a disaster.

It was a good idea to bring Trevor back to fill this role. Though we haven't seen Trevor since season one, his sheer awfulness is difficult to forget, and his chipper and over-enthusiastic human persona is arguably just as awful. Bringing back a recognised demon and antagonist, rather than introducing a new one, meant that they didn't have to spend time making us hate him. It also meant that they didn't have to explain who he was when he turned up at the end of last episode. Just one look and everyone watching knew that everything was about to get a lot more difficult.

Another thing that I am glad about is the fact that Trevor is gone again by the end of the episode. As much as I appreciate his use as a minor antagonist, and as well as how well Adam Scott plays him, Trevor also just really, really annoys me. So I found it incredibly satisfying to see The Judge flick him off into the infinite darkness that surrounds the door to Earth. Trevor being around would also ruin the chance to see the humans interact with each other in a somewhat 'normal' environment.

One part of the episode that I found particularly amusing, was the interactions between Tahani and Jason. Now that the entire groups relationships have been reset, Tahani and Jason aren't gelling together as quickly as Eleanor and Chidi. At least they aren't, until Trevor starts getting them drunk. This is when it gets really interesting. Trevor gets the two drunk to try and get them to sleep together, thus making Tahani leave out of embarrassment. But his plan doesn't work because Jason sends her home in a taxi, and then proceeds to sleep in a dumpster. The delivery of this last part is particularly spectacular, as the way Tahani is talking about Jason, about him being helpful and considerate, isn't particularly Jason like. Then the other shoe is dropped. This duality really fits into the theme of the show, as people who you never would have though would get along come together and bring out the best in each other.

Janet, and her frustration at not having her powers when on Earth, truly shone, not least because it is what lead to her and Michael being able to escape The Judge. The reactions of celestial beings, be it Janet or The Doorman, to Earth in The Good Place have, on the whole, been very charming. The over all feel of it is that they consider Earth to be quaint and limited, but are also incredibly baffled by many of the things there. There are various aspects of Michael and Janet running away to Earth that I am excited for, all of which bring up questions. How will Janet act around Jason and Tahani? How will Michael get around the fact that all of the group have seen him pretending to be various, different people? Will they ever lose their glee and frustration at being surrounded by so many new things? And, most importantly, will extended exposure mean that they begin to become human?

Either way, this season is shaping up to be a very fun ride. The almost anthology like nature of the show is being used to its full potential as all the characters we know and love are once again being thrown into new situations. The Good Place has always been a comment on humanity and its flaws, but how will it change now that it has more than four humans to play around with? I am waiting on the edge of my seat to find out.

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