The Gifted: 2.03 coMplications

One of the most annoying tropes of TV shows - particularly superhero TV shows - is when a character feels they must a hide a secret from the person they love to protect them. That secret will always be revealed and the person keeping it will eventually realise that they should have said something sooner. So thank god this week that Lauren managed to convince her dad to tell her mum about his powers that moment she witnessed it happening. Had Reed decided to keep the fact that he was a mutant from Kate, I might have thrown the remote at the TV in frustration.

It's annoying anyway that he felt the need to keep the return of his abilities secret for six months but this season didn't need an angst-ridden struggle by Reed to save everyone around him through acts of secrecy. It doesn't make good drama (despite what many TV writers might think). Though I do worry if he might end up killing Kate with a touch. Last week we saw him burn his way through a filing cabinet and this week it was the steering wheel of the car he was driving, nearly killing Reed and his daughter as a result. 

The crash and subsequent car jacking to make their escape almost saw them cross paths with Jace, who's (rather unsurprisingly) gone back to his anti-mutant fuelled paranoia, despite his promise to his wife to stay away. I'm not sure where I stand on his character now; I feel for his grief over the death of his daughter but his determination to hunt mutants down feels almost misguided, particularly now that he is not part of Sentinel Services. While his story was engaging in season one, I wouldn't have had a problem if he had sat out of the events of season two.

Particularly when there are more interesting villains like Reeva Payge. I like that she is completely dangerous and ruthless and yet you can never quite tell what she will do next. Despite the protestations of the Frost triplets, she agreed to bring Marcos to the Inner Circle to save baby Dawn, despite the danger of being exposed that came with it. Perhaps it was her absolute confidence. Even when Marcos did try and retaliate, she was about to subdue him with ease. Her continued manipulation of Andy is intriguing too, forcing him to be at her side when Marcos arrived, knowing that they had both been friends.

The reunion between Marcos and Lorna was understandably tense but I also loved the tenderness of Marcos as he held their baby and Lorna admitting she loved him even if they were on different sides. I hope they get through this because their love seems genuine.

We also saw the introduction of the Morlocks this week as John and Clarice ventured into the sewers in search of the contact Evangeline gave him. This secret society of mutants living with their abilities underground brought another interesting concept into the show. Clarice has certainly changed this season, her love affair with John and her role in the Mutant Underground making her both relaxed and confident, but we have also seen her have to hide her features to interact in the outside world. With the Morlocks she can truly be herself and I am intrigued to see how her connection to Morlock leader Erg develops, particularly as he has her spying for him now.

coMplications was a solid episode that explored the strain the suffering on mutants has put on its families. Marcos got a brief family reunion, as he struggled not to repeat his father's mistakes while Lauren ensured her parents didn't live in secrecy over his abilities. The introduction of the Morlocks added another dimension to the show, one that continues to do a solid job of building a world without The X-Men, though some momentum would be good; too often season one felt like it was playing a long game, leaving some episodes without much drama or action. I appreciate that this is a more cerebral superhero show than others, but it needs to find the balance to ensure it continues to engage with its audience.

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