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After a week's break, The Gifted was back (though only temporarily - there's one more episode next week and then the final three in January). The episode built on the momentum of threat of eXtinction and delivered another strong instalment that was quite possibly the best of the season. The Gifted has spent a lot of its debut season 'world building', but finally it is starting to pay off.

First up, there was no prolonged character's keeping secrets from one another for the sake of the plot. Reed confessed to Kate pretty quickly that his father has worked with Trask Industries to cure him of his mutant gene and revealed that their kids had the same dangerous abilities as his grandparents. Better still, they informed Lauren and Andy of the situation. There is a refreshing sense of maturity in the Reed family; the kids might bicker but they are not bratty teenagers to their parents or each other. And as much as they might not like it, Kate and Reed recognise that their kids' abilities will be useful in the fight against Sentinel Services.

The scene where Andy and Lauren tested their powers was certainly a little unnerving (and perhaps a bit foolish on the family's part). The fact that they nearly tore the sanctuary apart shows just how powerful they are and perhaps how reckless they were too in attempting it in a building full of mutant refugees.

There was an exciting momentum to the planning and attack on Trask Industries. I'm fairly convinced that newcomer Esme might be a plant; her manipulation of Lorna's dreams are what convinced the Mutant Underground to take the offensive. But it was great to see the various characters united on a plan together; nine episodes in and I am finally starting to see the functioning team in Blink, Thunderbird, Dreamer, Polaris, Eclipse and Sage. Which of course means that it will all be torn apart after the events of this episode.

Blink, Andy, Lauren and Dreamer snuck into the nearby power plant to shut down power to Trask Industries for a full assault and rescue, while the Strucker parents watched anxiously from the surveillance truck. It was of course all going too well into Jace Turner (now a fully fledged villain), clued into the fact that the Mutants were going to destroy the generators and turned the hunters into the hunted. It was an exciting and daring chase, the excellent Sentinel spider robots now programmed to resist mutant abilities. Blink was the first to fall and Dreamer blocked the way to let Andy and Lauren escape, but even then I was not expecting that cliff-hanger as the kids were collared by Jace as their parents watched frantically, unable to help.

I've been enjoying The Gifted season one, but it has largely sat in 'interesting' territory until now. Along with the previous episode, I am now excited to see where the show goes and this is the first cliff-hanger where I am genuinely looking forward to next week.

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