The Gifted: 1.07 eXtreme measures

The latest episode of The Gifted continued to explores the themes of morality; good characters like Marcos Diaz committing criminal actions to pay off debts, while Jace Turner went from morally compromised to villain as Sentinel Services stepped up its game in the war against mutants.

Up until now, I've understood Jace's motivations, even if I don't agree with them; mutant fighting led to his daughter's death and there are those - like Andy Strucker - who have powers that can cause great harm. But any semblance of protecting the greater good went out of the window when he argued against the Department of Justice on illegal surveillance and hunting of suspected mutants. Worse still, his shady alliance with Doctor Campbell saw his DOJ liaison almost killed by mutant powers after she attempted to question the rights of those being hunted.

It was probably the most interesting plot this week, in an episode that has further character development but didn't have anything as exciting as last week's truck escape. I get Marcos' debt to former lover and mob boss Carmen, but lying to Lorna and using his powers to destroy a rival drug operation seemed one step too far over the line. Lorna was right to be pissed off at his actions when he returned to the fold and continued to lie about his whereabouts.

Meanwhile the sub plot with Lauren's boyfriend - and conflict with dad Reed - wasn't terribly interesting. The show continues to exploit the morality of these characters and the limits the mutant underground will have when accepting newcomers, but Wes, with his manipulation powers, wasn't much of a stand out character to have the conflict about. And Danny Ramirez's Wes had zero chemistry with Natalie Alyn Lind's Lauren to make you care for this doomed relationship.

More engaging was John and Blink (now given a name in Clarice Fong). Blink is one of the more interesting mutants on the show and I am glad she hasn't left. John helping her to find the road she kept opening the portal back when her powers were out of control, helped develop their relationship in a meaningful way and explored the harsh realities of mutant persecution when they discovered her foster home - a place for mutant children that didn't look human. Sentinel Services' apparent bloody murder of her former foster parents will certainly give Blink cause to take the fight to them in the remainder of the season.

eXtreme measures wasn't the most exciting episode of television, but it continued to explore the conflict between humans and mutants in a sensitive, intelligent manner.

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