The Gifted: 1.06 got your siX

Now that the team are finally in one place, The Gifted is starting to gain some momentum in its storytelling. This week saw the mutant underground take the fight to Sentinel Services. Marcos Diaz / Eclipse joined Reed and Andy Strucker as they helped break into the secret facility to steal information on the mutants being recruited by Sentinel Services, while also embarking on some father / son bonding.

The show is certainly entering some murky waters and while this episode saw Reed continue to prove himself to the underground, he was obviously hiding more than he was letting on; the picture of him in the facility he claimed to be only vaguely aware of and his nervousness as Eclipse destroyed the office suggested he still had secrets to tell. But I also understand his nervousness about Andy's powers; while he was obviously powerful, he is still an emotionally-fuelled teenage boy and his abilities are certainly destructive.

Just as questionable was Lorna Dane / Polaris's decision to train mutant children to fight. This was something Kate was forced to swallow, as her son went off on a dangerous mission while Lauren looked ready to take on a buzz saw. Still, this decision to hone their abilities led to the thrilling sequence where the truck holding Marcos, Reed and Andy came head to head with a police roadblock.

Polaris deflecting the bullets, Lauren creating a bridge to ferry the truck to safety and new recruit and fellow teenager Wes creating an illusion to divert the police in opposite directions, finally made use of the show's promise. Seeing mutants work together is incredibly exciting and this episode certainly raised the stakes, which is needed to move The Gifted from interesting to exciting TV drama.

Got your siX was also an episode that gave some well-needed development to John Proudstar / Thunderbird. We learned that he was a former military officer recruited by the X-Men to lead the mutant underground. This episode saw the weight of responsibility hand over him as more mutant refugees flooded the secret base while his decision not to tell Blink about her manipulation by Dreamer forced her to leave. He's not the most exciting character, but Blair Redford imbues a strength in his performance to make John a believable leader while also showing just how out of his depth he is.

The Gifted seems to be slowly but surely moving in an upwards direction. We got a great action set piece that saw the mutants working together, while still expanding the conflict and morality of mutant persecution. It's not riveting television but I continue to enjoy the intelligent, engaging drama it presents and I look forward to what comes next.

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