The Flash: 6.04 There Will be Blood

The Flash: 6.04 There Will be Blood

The renewed strength of The Flash season six continues with detailed character work and story in There Will be Blood giving this season a perfect four for four. This season has been nothing shy of masterful to watch unfold; the family and friendship dynamics shine through and prove that you don’t always have to be flashy and action packed to be entertaining. I’m still beaming from the ‘Queen’ scene in the opening episode.

The previous instalment ended with Barry explaining his inevitable demise in the upcoming Crisis on Infinite Earths. Tapping into the emotional damage it has caused the team made for some truly heartfelt scenes, most notably between Barry and Cisco and again with Joe. The two encounters depicted their opposing ways of tackling grief, with Cisco continuing to try and save his friend no matter the cost, and Joe, while still devastated, is more accepting of the news. Both were powerful in their own right and were gut-busters emotionally, cementing their relationships as BFF and surrogate father respectively.

While the scene between Barry and Joe easily stole the show, it was refreshing to see how other Team Flash members like Ralph were processing the information. The fact Ralph’s inclusion wasn’t played for cheap laughs and slapstick humour shows how The Flash is evolving and rectifying past mistakes by taking this arc more seriously. Additionally, Nash Wells is proving to be a hit; his cocky personality blends in brilliantly as Tom Cavanagh’s performance seems more natural. His side quest, shown to be following the Monitor, brings his inclusion full circle and creates some worthwhile mystery.

There Will Be Blood also focuses heavily on the relationship between Barry and Ramsey, spending time explaining their motivations and end goals. The show seems to have removed the mundane, done-to-death, villain of the week concept for now; watching Ramsey’s descent into a blood hungry, zombie creating, mad-meta has (without being too morbid) been superb. His slow evolution and refreshing link to Barry gives this season a villain with depth and purpose.

Ramsey’s downfall this episode was even more impactful when Barry provided him with a supposed cure, only for him to reject it and embrace his darker villainous side. Although Ramsey has been bitter and angry from the opening episode, with each passing instalment he seems to be also losing his humanity. The inclusion of the Meta-zombies added some eerier tension and helped to amplify Ramsey’s presence; as great as he is, he's hardly the most menacing of villains.

Not without its flaws, There Will be Blood had a couple of annoyances, mainly Barry asking Cisco to help find a cure for HLH (Ramsey’s disease), felt out of place. Not only is Cisco an engineer but having on hand Caitlin, a bioengineer, someone way better suited to this task and not asking her, didn’t sit well. I understand that Frost is currently in control but this could’ve been a perfect moment to showcase the shared body between Caitlin and Frost, utilising both of their talents.

As each new episode passes, I remain optimistic that the remainder of the season is in safe hands. While the action may have taken a back seat, it’s been replaced by thrilling tension-building storylines like Wells’ Monitor exploration and Ramsey’s descent into complete madness. Taking centre stage is the character work which unlike previous seasons isn’t forcibly dramatic, playing perfectly to the looming crisis, which is due to rattle some feathers. It’s good to once again be excited for what comes next.

The Flash (2014–)
Dir: N/A | Cast: Candice Patton, Carlos Valdes, Danielle Panabaker, Grant Gustin | Writers: Andrew Kreisberg, Geoff Johns, Greg Berlanti

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