The Flash: 4.22 Think Fast

Last week gave us Harry and the Harrisons which, frankly, was pathetic; it was riddled with issues and for the lead up to the finale was inexcusable. Regardless of what was produced in this week’s Think Fast, I knew it would be a masterpiece in comparison. Ok, perhaps not a masterpiece but this episode was far superior; not without flaws, but enjoyable and has restored some remnants of faith that the final showdown will be entertaining.

Let’s talk about that opening sequence. I mean wow, just wow! Watching DeVoe cinematically walk through the corridor of ARGUS, mowing down dozens of armed soldiers, utilising all the powers he’s stolen throughout the series, perfectly encapsulated everything I’ve wanted to see in him from the very beginning. The effects were fantastic, it was inventive, and Neil Sandilands' performance, as if he were a conductor of a large symphony, was quite mesmerising.

One major issue I took from last episode was the character work, predominantly with Cisco, as he has been feeling very distant recently. Think Fast firmly placed him back where he should be; the spunky, hilarious friend who comes up with unthinkable plans and builds unimaginable devices. Barry training Cisco and Caitlin in the ways of Flashtime was superb, those scenes felt stripped away of unnecessary drama and tension for straight up fun that nostalgically took me back to the feel of the first couple of seasons. The argument between Barry and Cisco was palpable; it felt long overdue and once again solidified Cisco’s importance in this show.

Unfortunately this is where the positives end and the flaws and annoyances begin. Let’s start with Harry, who is being treated as a buffoon; his deteriorating mental state is constantly being played for laughs, diminishing his importance with each passing week. Although I guess his intelligence will return by next week, or next season, it’s a shame to see what’s become of him.

The same can also be said for Caitlin’s character, who, you guessed it, is still searching for ways to get Killer Frost back, and this week sees her in therapy. Is it just me, or are these continued therapy sessions horrible? When it was first introduced as couple’s therapy for Barry and Iris, I didn’t like it and never suspected we would get quite this much; it’s an element that doesn’t work for me. I hate what’s become of Caitlin’s character and hated even more the addition to her origin. Over the past four seasons her character has been a powerful, intelligent and well-rounded cast member; these actions are simply undermining those traits.

Cecil makes another random appearance, but hey, this time her powers are changing because she is in another phase of pregnancy *yawn*. Seeing her only served to remind me that she must have given up helping Harry with his thoughts, which was an interesting way to treat her powers, but no, instead we get sillier, needless comedy. The continuing Diggle from Arrow getting motion sickness every time he encounters the Flash was still fun though.

Speaking of silly and needless, what about Iris’ blog, you know the one that’s getting thousands of hits and helping to track down Marlize. For something the show wanted to consider important, this was another element thrown to the side. Also, Marlize hiding in her England home in a pocket dimension was another sleep inducing scene.

As mentioned, the beginning was spectacular, but we don’t really see anything more from DeVoe until the end, which by that time you’re so deflated it comes across worse than it is. The effects worked well and the story was serviceable but Barry using that projectile from Amunet was, as expected, pointless and massively anti-climactic.

With any luck, the story will all come together to make an outstanding finale, something The Flash has always been able to accomplish regardless of the quality of the past 20+ episodes. Like I said previously, it’s clear that most, if not all of the Arrowverse shows need to grasp a smaller episode run in order to get quality content throughout. Nevertheless bring on the finale, let’s hope it’s a good one!

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