The Flash: 4.21 Harry and the Harrisons

Seriously, there’s two episodes left until the end - last episode had some interesting reveals and developments, but this instalment ignores everything about it for yet more filler that isn’t even good. I think Harry said it best in the actual episode, “This was a colossal waste of time”. This seems to be a consistent occurrence with all Arrowverse shows; having boring, unnecessary filler episodes to elongate a series. Perhaps it’s time to abandon these 23 episode runs.

Every element falls flat, failing to engage, taking scenes that could, and possibly should, be more serious and playing them for laughs that are just not funny. The episode title says all you need to know. Episode 6, When Harry met Harry, introduced the council of Wells, a group constructed by Wells’ throughout the multiverse; this wasn’t an element I enjoyed. Harry and the Harrisons doesn’t just bring that group back to help regain our Harry’s intelligence,  but adds new and uninteresting Harrys into the mix which led nowhere, achieved nothing, and was dreadfully boring.

There was a point where I actually thought we would get a council of Cisco’s instead, which I think could’ve added that comedic factor the writers were clearly after, but also incorporate some actual story telling. I have never been as deflated as when I saw French and gangster Wells. Tom Cavanagh is a great actor and unmistakeable character in the Flash, but this gag to prolong his troubles, was a tad pathetic and uncaring; it diminishes his character’s presence.

The villain factor was rage-inducing. Rather than show the mental state of the Thinker after his wife and sidekick left him, or even some additional development with Marlize after she left her husband, we get Katee Sackhoff, reprising her role as Amunet, the bucket carrying British super villain who has been taken down a peg or ten and lost her fear factor. Much like Harry, she is used more for laughs than anything serious. Her story also connects to Caitlin’s ever-lasting journey to get back Killer Frost which, as I mentioned last week, is incredibly dull and nonsensical.

I am starting to get disappointed with the character developments, certainly for the second half of this season. Cisco seems to have taken a back seat, doesn’t deliver on the funnies as much, and isn’t even portrayed as a valued member of the team anymore. He is possibly my favourite character, so taking the side-lines is annoying; his powers are excellent yet rarely used, and his charisma can light up any room when given the opportunity. Caitlin has spent the past few episodes moping about Killer Frost, and outside of that arc does very little. It’s a shame when you consider her presence last season compared to now. The side plot she went on with Amunet was pointless and made worse with the “placebo” explanation. Please, just wrap up this arc already.

When Amunet exits at the end of the episode, she gives team Flash a single projectile to destroy DeVoe’s satellites. Is it just me or were you shouting “Give them ten, just to be sure?” It’s another case where drama is being forced; “Oh no, we only have one shot, don’t mess up”, *yawn*.

The idea that Iris wanted to create a blog post to tell Central City about the whole DeVoe situation was really interesting. I always enjoy those types of conversations, especially in this genre. So much is hidden by secrecy, and the ethics of telling the public vs protecting them is always a thought-provoking conversation. Well, it is if it actually takes place, this episode gave it about two minutes worth of discussion, if you can call it that. Something this serious, which could potentially have catastrophic ramifications on society, boiled down to a lover’s tiff between Barry and Iris; shame!

Just when the show should be building on the drama and putting things in place towards an epic climax, the series slams on the brakes and provides little in terms of story or character development. This was yet another filler episode, wasting time with utter nonsense that leaves me apprehensive as to how the season will close out. I’ll keep my fingers crossed in hopes of an impressive finish but with two episodes remaining, my faith is shaken.

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