The Flash: 4.20 Therefore She Is

Finally! Some explanation on the Thinker's master plan…it’s completely illogical, but frankly what villain’s master plans aren’t? There’s an awful lot happening in this episode, predominantly focusing on DeVoe, how he and Marlize met and his thoughts on humanity. There was no central focus or tone, just an amalgamation of different story arcs blended into one episode. Don’t get me wrong, it was still highly enjoyable, I just wasn’t as invested as I have been in previous instalments.

Let’s start with DeVoe and Marlize. Full of flashbacks to help provide an understanding for Clifford’s thought processes, this episode didn’t seem to match up with the person we were introduced to at the beginning of the season. His current decent into madness has been interesting to see progress, and honestly, with all those minds in one body, it’s quite believable. But set before he had any powers, the flashbacks served only to force drama and tension that didn’t work; the character was simply muddled.

I found Marlize’s character very perplexing; her thoughts, ethics and morals were all over the place, changing from one scene to the next. It would seem that killing mostly innocent Metas is totally fine for her, but when DeVoe kills a security guard, that’s where she draws the line. For somebody so all-knowing, DeVoe’s plans make little sense; he sees the overpopulation of man being a problem for the planets resources, and wants to rid humanity of its dependence on technology.

Maybe it’s because it hasn’t fully been explained yet, but seriously, his plan is dumb/not clear. Let’s not forget, this is a man who uses technology every second of every day to stay alive; if not for technology he wouldn’t be where he is. If you dumb humanity down to a child or cave man like mentality, it wouldn’t rid the world of technology; if anything it would put humanity in more danger. The discussion is highly important and interesting; I only wish they would’ve played more devil’s advocate, rather than Marlize rushing to the same opinion as her husband for very nonsensical reasons. It just makes the Thinker more of a by-the-numbers, disappointing villain.

Therefore She Is brings back a favourite of mine, Gypsy; her relationship with Cisco made for some really great back and forth. Moving Cisco’s story along, he doesn’t want to take the job offered by Breacher (thank heavens), and she didn’t want him to take it. Their relationship problems caused issues for the team which was implemented and executed brilliantly; the tension, the drama and the comedy, all perfect. Their break-up was a genuinely heartbreaking goodbye and, as horrible as it sounds, it’s great characterisation when the person providing the comedic relief shows some real emotion.

The final fight between Team Flash and the DeVoe’s was great; the idea that Team Flash got the upper hand was beautiful, and the way it panned out made for superb television. There was action, drama, tension and Force choking, who could ask for more? The only disappointing element was Caitlin’s inclusion; I’m all for her getting Killer Frost back, but it’s taking too long, her arc is being stretched way to thin and it’s an inevitability (much like DeVoe getting all twelve Meta’s), so get on with it. And Marlize leaving Clifford was dramatic and a long time coming.

I’m not sure how I feel about the whole Cecile and Harry arc. For starters, it feels like Cecile is being forced into the mix once again, in an attempt to remind us she reads minds and is pregnant. With Harry losing his intelligence, she’s able to complete his thoughts before they disappear. I’ve no doubt that Harry’s mind will somehow equate to fixing everything done by DeVoe, but currently the dynamic, although decent, feels like an excuse for the team not to find a solution to the problem.

There were some very strong performances this episode. Tom Cavanagh’s (Harry) portrayal of someone losing their mind was superb, as was the emotion pouring out of Carlos Valdes (Cisco). The remaining cast continue to complement each other and prove why this show, and specifically this season, has been so great.

I was pleased to finally get, after 20 episodes, DeVoe’s plan; it’s irritating that it took so long given how flat the twist fell, but nice to know at the very least. Wheels are firmly in motion here and have set up the final three episodes nicely; I can’t wait to see how it proceeds.

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