The Flash: 4.13 True Colours

After the success of last episode, I viewed this one with the same level of expectation and anticipation and it let me down. True Colours acted as a stepping stone to get back on the main plot pathway, reintroducing the Thinker and getting the Barry-goes-to-jail arc out of the way. For me what let it down the most was all the smaller character stories that were confusing and simply irrelevant.

If there’s one thing this episode has in abundance, it’s villains. After being moved from Iron Heights to a secure, secret Meta facility, Barry discovered he was being sold to Amunet by the warden. The opening scene establishes that four other Bus Meta’s- Kilgore, Black Bison, Dwarfstar and Hazard - are also being sold. Through fear of their powers being manipulated, Barry teams up with his past foes to attempt an escape (for the record none of these villains know who Barry really is).

The whole escape plot may have had you shouting, ‘science rules’ but was very stupid. Barry unconvincingly manages (using science) to concoct some form of acid, which he uses to open all the cells. Everyone then stands around to have a chat before moving on. Although it was established there were no cameras (because otherwise it would be too easy) why on earth was there no guard overseeing? The whole plot was rushed; I understand it was inevitable that Barry would get out, but it was too easy and dull.

During the breakout we hear a lot of villainous clichés, “when I get out” … blah blah blah, all except one. Barry speaks with, and gives a pep talk to, Hazard, who fears leaving prison as she doesn’t want her powers hurting anyone. This heart to heart waa a poor attempt to generate sympathy. As different and interesting as this was, showing that not all Metas are bad, I worried this would include yet another character to an already crowded Team Flash. Thankfully this isn’t the case… or at least yet.

As mentioned above, the Thinker is re-established in this episode, and if one thing has come from it, it’s my realisation that I preferred the previous iteration of DeVoe. One of my previous theories for this season is that DeVoe’s wife will be the key to defeating him, eventually coming to her senses and working with Team Flash. This episode further develops my theory as she begins to witness her husband change for the worse. The Thinker’s current body (Dominic) gave him the power of telepathy but he’s unable to read his wife’s thoughts as she floods them with a song. He suspects something’s up and uses the Weeper’s (a minor Meta) powers to make her fall in love with him again.

Once the prisoners escape the Dampeners to gain their powers back, they’re stopped by the Warden and Amunet, who reveal Barry’s identity. As expected, the villains want their revenge but are defeated by Hazard, who clearly has chosen to be a good girl. Soon the Thinker arrives, back in his flying chair; he steals all the Meta’s powers, killing them in the process. All except for Hazard, who he chooses for his new body. To be honest the whole body switching is inventive but I am only the fence as to how I feel about it.

As soon as the Thinker leaves, Cisco and Caitlin arrive to take Barry, who outright refuses to go with them, stating that unless he’s exonerated legally he will never feel free. He then takes himself back to his Iron Heights cell to sulk. It's then up to Ralph to she the day, having spent the episode dealing with insecurities after a visit from an old friend who made him feel like a loser. Frankly I couldn’t really get along with this subplot. For starters too much time is spent on his insecurities, I understand why he has them but the team has always made him feel like part of the family, helping to develop his powers and superhero talents. It was just felt forced and served only one purpose … being the catalyst that helps Ralph discover his ability to shapeshift. He uses this power to transform into DeVoe and convince the judge that he is very much alive. Some may consider this clever but I think it’s silly, 1. There potentially is a dead body, presumably in the morgue or buried and 2. The thought process made no sense. I understand Barry had to get out at some point but this was heavily anti-climactic and felt rushed.

The ending sees the Team come to the understanding that DeVoe is after, specifically, the bus Metas. Now the whole Barry in jail arc is completed, more concentration can be put on finding and protecting the remaining Metas, including their dear friend Ralph. Fingers crossed this means that they will return to the same formula as last week and knock it out of the park … here’s to hoping!

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