The Flash: 3.22 Infantino Street

This is it, the moment the entirety of season three has been building towards; there has been a much stronger narrative thread to season three of The Flash, with Flashpoint continuing to have huge ramifications for the show. Barry's decision to alter history changed Caitlin's fate, transforming her into Killer Frost. The Dominators invaded Earth, fuelled with anger at Barry's actions. And Savitar was born in a future, the latest in a long line of failures by Barry Allen. Yes, you have to go with the paradoxical nature of Barry creating a remnant of himself in the future to defeat Savitar, inadvertently creating the very monster that travels back and kills Iris...but there's no denying it's given season three a sense of purpose.

And this episode is where it all happens, where Savitar kills Iris on the titular Infantino Street. The episode plays like a season finale, counting down the last twenty four hours of Iris's life and Barry and team Flash's desperate attempts to alter events. And it ends with the showdown as Barry, armed with the Speed Force Bazooka, finally takes fire at the enemy to trap him forever. If this was the finale, this would be the triumphant moment that the hero saves the day. Except it isn't. It's the penultimate episode of season and three and Infantino Street ends with Savitar outwitting the heroes and Iris dying in Barry's arms.

I always assumed someone was going to die but I didn't think Iris herself would go. We still have one more episode so anything can happen, but unless the rug has well and truly been pulled from under Savitar - and the audiences' - eyes, I can't see how they're getting out of this one. Not to mention the the episode also ends with Killer Frost and Vibe finally battling each other, a vision of the future which saw Cisco's hand's frozen and destroyed in battle.

Getting to that double finale we had a great double pairing in Barry Allen and Leonard Snart, AKA Captain Cold. Plucking the villain turned quasi hero out of time from a seemingly early point in Legends of Tomorrow season one, the two teamed up to steal a Dominator device that could power the Speed Force Bazooka from the depths of ARGUS itself. Lyla Michaels crossed over from Arrow to tell Barry she didn't trust him enough to give him the alien device. Given his past actions, I can't say I was surprised, though in refusing to help him save Iris, it did make her a bit of a cold hearted bitch. At least, when he had gone through all the trouble to steal it, she finally relented.

At the heist was a lot of fun. "There are only four rules you need to remember: make the plan, execute the plan, expect the plan to go off the rails, throw away the plan." Wentworth Miller remains as camp and delightful as ever as Captain Cold; pre-Legends I found him too much at times, but now I quite miss his regular presence in the Arrowverse. The episode made good use of his team up with Grant Gustin's Barry, teasing the hero's ruthless side as they committed their crime. The reveal of King Shark guarding the vault with the Dominator device was a nice touch too; he's too ridiculous a metahuman to be used regularly, but he proved a nice additional threat; I loved the fin wading through the smoke and the Indiana-Jones style escape through the closing door.

We also got a bit more of the delightful romance between HR Wells and Tracy Brand and their love of coffee. The chemistry between the two characters is one of the highlights of recent episodes and his proposal-style invitation to join team Flash was fun. I'm a bit concerned about his state of mind though after evil Barry tricked him into revealing that Iris was hiding in Earth 2 (the fight between Kid Flash and Savitar was brutal) and given Tom Cavanagh's penchant for playing new versions of Wells each season, I'm slightly worried he's going to disappear or do something stupid that will get him killed.

Of course the whole ARGUS heist and the plan to create the Speed Force Bazooka came to nothing and as the clock counted down, history remained on track. I was surprised that we got to the events at Infantino Street so quickly and was equally surprised that the story followed through on Iris's death. But maybe that's a good thing. That showdown with Savitar was supposed to be the end of the finale. Now we've got a whole other episode where we have no idea what is going to happen...

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