The Flash: 3.18 Abra Kadabra

Despite a surprisingly large section of the fan base, I rather liked last week's musical episode Duet but this week's entry was back to business as The Flash continued its build up towards the final confrontation with Savitar and Iris's death. It was standard, enjoyable fare, if not the most exciting episode, but it did have a few moments that stood out.

I think the reason it wasn't brilliant was because David Dastmalchian techno-magician from the 64th Century Abra Kadabra was just a bit dull. I'm not sure if it was just the use of nanotechnology to create magic tricks or Dastmalchian naff silver hair do and goatee, but he just didn't seem that convincing as a master villain responsible for the murders of several people, including Gypsy's former partner. Plus Eobard Thawne is a much more engaging villain from the future. The best achievement Abra Kadabra made was name dropping a potential season four villain DeVoe along the list of other big The Flash villains such as Zoom.

Though the chase through Central City with his flying time machine was pretty fun. Gypsy, Vibe, Kid Flash and the Flash zoomed around the city, opening portals and racing for their lives to stop Abra Kadabra from opening a portal back to his own time. Barry phasing through the machine and taking the villain with him was a pretty cool moment too. For Gypsy this was a case of revenge while the rest of the team at Star Labs needed his knowledge of who Savitar was to help save Iris. It provided pretty of conflict, particularly for Gypsy and Cisco but it was Joe who shined this week. Jesse L. Martin was absorbing as a father doing everything it took to get the answers that would save Iris's life by releasing the killer from his cell.

The conflict with Abra Kadabra also led to fateful explosion at Star Labs that saw Caitlin critically injured and Julian forced to operate on her to save his life. The season has been teasing them as a romantic couple of a while and while there has been some conflict - I'm with Julian on the whole keeping the Philosopher's Stone betrayal - but saving her life brought them closer together. Which made the final scene all the more shocking. It's been very likely that Caitlin would transform into Killer Frost at some point but it was still a surprise for it to happen almost out of the blue, Julian ripping her protective necklace free after she flatlined. Her shift to villain after a seemingly harmless conversation about lime jello (that's jelly for us Brits) delivered a fantastic cliffhanger to what had been a decent but not thrilling episode.

Abra Kadabra had a fairly naff villain, even if he did advance Gypsy's character somewhat. But he was a decent enough device to continue the 'how to we stop Savitar and save Iris?' storyline. And the shocking transformation of Caitlin into Killer Frost made for an exciting finale. Her change certainly amps up the conflict for the final run of episodes.

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