The Flash: 1.20 The Trap

As The Flash draws ever closer to its season one finale, it is interesting to see the show become even more serialised. Which, considering the big developments this week in a number of characters' storylines, is proving to be a great thing. The premise of metahumans has been fully established, so now is the time for Harrison Wells / Eobard Thawne / The Reverse Flash to take centre stage.

The Trap was the result of half a season of intrigue and conspiracy and it certainly didn't disappoint. After discovering Well's secret lair last week, it was fun to see Barry, Cisco and Caitlin gets some answers, meet the artificial intelligence interface Gideon (created by a future Barry), discover the future newspaper event that sparks the Flash's disappearance - I loved Cisco's admiration for the bright red suit - and learn a bit more about the titular hero nine years from now, like the fact that the reporter - Iris - would be Barry's wife.

It set things in motion as the team laid their trap for Wells and the show went all Inception to enter Cisco's mind and uncover the dreams of what happened to him in the alternate reality cliff-hanger from Out Of Time. I'm still not convinced there is any scientific explanation as to how Cisco would have these 'memories' but it was still a great way from Cisco and the others to learn the truth and set the trap by recreating those tragic events where Wells revealed himself to Cisco and then killed him.

Of course the beauty of that trap was that it wasn't a trap for Wells, it was his trap for Barry. As Cisco laid in wait in the bunker and Wells walked in without even bothering to hide the fact that he wasn't in his wheelchair, there was genuine concern that history was going to repeat itself. Particularly when Wells walked right through the forcefield Cisco had created for himself and raised his arm to do the whole vibrating, heart-stopping trick.

Joe shooting Wells to save Cisco had the audience dumbfounded - surely he wasn't dead? - until the rug was pulled from under us and the dead body was revealed to be that of the shapeshifting Hannibal Bates from the previous episode. It was a wonderful twist and showed just how ahead of the game Wells had been all along. His final speech to Barry teased something big to come and the rumours of the eventual debut of Grodd next episode are sure to make the last run of episodes one hell of a ride.

But the episode didn't stop there. The question of how and when Iris marries a future Barry took on a whole new light, first when Eddie decided to marry her taking her in one direction and then her reveal at the end that she knows Barry is The Flash. Thought to be honest, the way their conversations have been going lately, you would have to question her credentials as a reporter if she didn't guess his secret identity.

Where this leaves her and Eddie, I don't know. It would be easy to dump him to get him out of the picture but Rick Cosnett's performance has made him an instantly likeable character and he can't be killed now that he knows he is the ancestor of Eobard Thawne. His capture by his descendant throws him into the centre of the ongoing plot, making him as essential as anyone in Star Labs.

What is perhaps most interesting if Well's / Thawne's declaration to Barry that "Nothing will be forgiven." What did Barry do to Eobard to make him hate him so much? It is one of the many answers I am looking forward to getting before the season's end.

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