The Flash: 1.15 Out Of Time

Fifteen episodes in and The Flash delivers its biggest cliff-hanger, one that made the us feel like we were watching a season finale and not a standard mid-season episode. Everything was turned on its head as the truth about Dr Harrison Wells was revealed, Flash faced one of his biggest battles yet, the fate of the city hung in the balance and the most loveable character in the show was killed.

Yes, Wells murdered Cisco in the series' first genuinely shocking moment. Don't get me wrong, I had no idea how he was going to get out of the lab alive once he discovered the truth about Wells but I still had hope. But from the moment he discovered the recorded image of the Reverse Flash in the trap they set for the Reverse Flash back in the mid-season finale The Man In The Yellow Suit, he was on borrowed time. The mystery of how the villain attacked Wells was cleverly done; creating a second version of him by moving so fast solved that puzzling event while many more clues were laid.
Wells is hundreds of years old and Iris's boyfriend Eddie is his ancestor. More so, he has become trapped in this time, trying to kill Barry at the moment of his mother's dead and now desperately trying to find a way back to his own time. The whole time travel elements of the series have started to fall into place, even if it has left us with many more questions. Just what happens next for Wells - and if there is more to Eddie then remains to be seen - will add plenty of drama in the coming weeks.

Barry Allen went through quite a feat this episode too; from the moment he saw a mirror version of him at the start of the episode, the story was counting down to the moment he moved so fast he travelled back in time. His relationship with Iris took a huger leap too as he finally revealed his secret after their shared kiss. About time too; Iris has been one of the weaker elements of the series purely by being left out of his big secret, so it was a relief to see him transform before her eyes and begin his desperate attempt to save Starling City from a tidal wave by running faster then he had ever run before - so fast he travelled back through his own time stream.
The appearance of Mark Mardon, aka The Weather Wizard, could easily have been a sign that the show was already running out of ideas by copying the powers of his brother Clyde from the pilot episode; instead he became one of the most damaging villains yet. From his assault on the Police Precint, crippling and almost killing Captain David Singh to the final attack on the city, he proved to be a significant match for the Flash and I look forward to what happens next.

The last we saw, Barry had been stuck in the past, Iris and the rest of the city's populace were running from the approaching tidal wave, her dad Detective Joe West a beaten, bloody prisoner of Mardon and Cisco was dead. Normally I am not a fan of reverse time cope outs but I think this might be the only way to resolve those cliff-hangers. Let's just hope the next episode really delivers, whatever path it takes.

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