The Flash 1.12: Crazy For You

This week's episode was a different affair to the last two; the villain acting as a B plot while on-going character developments care to the fore. The Flash faced off against a meta human - Shawna Baez - a woman who could teleport and was using her skills to rescue her boyfriend from prison and rob banks. After last week baddie, the Pied Piper, the terribly named 'Peek-a-Boo' was much less interesting, even if we were treated to some great fight sequences between her and the Flash.

Kudos to Caitlin for trying to name the bad guy, though perhaps she should leave that to Cisco.

Of course, the prison-break opener did allow for some touching moments between Barry Allen and his dad. I particularly loved the final moment when Henry Allen told Barry all the things he would tell the Flash and how much he was proud of him. Barry couldn't admit the truth but his dad knew anyway and it only helped to strengthen the bond between them.
The real plot of the week was the search for Caitlin's fiance Ronnie and it was great to see Hartley / Pied Piper get more screen time after an excellent debut last week. The mystery of what happened to Ronnie - and how he seemingly merged with another scientist Dr. Martin Stein unfolded nicely. While it was inevitable that Hartley would find a way to escape, Cisco still had a very cool moment when he anticipated the villain's first escape attempt and knocked him down with some cool gadgets of his own.

Between his technological advancements, ability to name the bad guys, his general Geek cred and boundless enthusiasm, Cisko is becoming one of the best characters on the show and taking down Hartley only added to his character.

Just as fun was Barry and Caitlin's attempt to get a 'life'. Their attempt to sing Karaoke was suitably dreadful but offered a different side to her character; one that has been a little serious of late. It also allowed Barry to meet potential new love interest Linda Park, a sports reporter at the same paper as Iris. It will be interesting to see if this relationship goes anywhere and if this will be the point where Iris gets jealous and realises she wants to be more than friends with Barry.
The episode's cliff-hanger was very intriguing. Sewer workers encountered mysterious writing on the wall and the arrival of an evil gorilla. Fans of the Flash comics will know exactly what Grodd means but for the rest of us it offers us something very different to the meta humans we have seen so far.

So between the escape of the Pied Piper, the mysterious merging of Ronnie and Dr Stein at the night of the accident and a killer gorilla, the episode ended on a strong note, with each of those elements more interesting than the bland Peek-a-Boo. But with a show with this much potential, it looks as if the best is yet to come.

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