The Flash: 1.10 Revenge of the Rogues

After an explosive season two, Arrow has gone from strength to strength, while spin-off The Flash has been a fun, super-powered alternative that have been a hit with viewers. With both shows returning from their mid-season breaks, I will be taking at look at the highs and lows of each week, starting with The Flash...

Picking up after the events of the mid-season finale, The Flash delivered a Prison Break reunion as Wentworth Miller returned as Captain Cold alongside Dominic Purcell as Heat Wave. The 'rogues' were rather simple; two bank robbers with with an freeze gun and heat gun wreak havoc and lure the Flash into a trap. I've always found Miller a little wooden in his performances and he was no difference here, while Purcell was bordering on hammy with his angry villain.

Fortunately while the characters themselves were a little two-dimensional - and Captain Cold is an obvious poor man's substitute for Batman's Mr Freeze - the execution of their story was a lot of fun. I loved the crossing the streams reference as Sisko urged Barry to get the rogues to aim their guns at each other. The final battle was great comic-booky fun too, with Flash soaring up building and the villains blasting everything in sight with fire and ice.
What had more substance was Barry training himself to become the fastest man alive again after the recent encounter with the Reverse Flash put him firmly in second place. It has given him a bit of a mission statement now rather than just being the hero of Central City. Though it was interesting that the show returned with the Flash being revealed to the public as the hero he was rather than a rumoured vigilante on Iris's site.

On that personal side, their relationship was dealt with nicely. She didn't immediately throw her boyfriend Eddie aside - in fact she went through with moving in with him - but there was none of that awkwardness between her and Barry by the end either. The seeds have been sown but for now the show looks to go in a different direction.

The episode ended with Captain Cold and Heat Wave being rescued by - surprise! - Captain Cold's sister. Is The Flash building to a Sinister Six-style league of villains? Will they start to include metahumans? It would certainly raise the stakes for Barry; like his counterpart over in Starling City, he had better start gathering some superhero allies.

It would remiss of me not to point out some big highlights of the episode, starting with Barry catching a missile mid air and swinging it into a drone during target practice. The was a fantastic in-joke moment too as Barry rediscovered his geek survival kit from his childhood and pulling out a comic featuring fellow DC superhero Batman! We also discovered a nice handy skill; Barry can read as fast as he can run!
The Flash became a nice lighter side of the superhero pie before the darker Arrow on Thursdays. This week kept that up fun and I am intrigued to see where it goes next.

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