The Exorcist: 2.08 A Heaven of Hell

After last week's hiatus, The Exorcist is back and nearing its end. Marcus and Tomas are still cooped up in the master bedroom (and not the well-facing cottage as originally thought) fighting the demon and attempting to save Andy. The four kids are staying in Russ and Colleen's with Rose under the guise of "Dad has a serious bout of pneumonia" - Verity, is as ever, the voice of reason worrying what will happen to their family once the murder is discovered. Papa Kim is no longer present but in his idyllic bubble with the thing he believes is his dead wife. Meanwhile, "it" attempts to divide the exorcists asking Marcus what he intends to do if Tomas fails him like his "little Church mouse". Don't worry, it's not long before we find out as we're treated to a series flashbacks dotted throughout A Heaven of Hell (presumably, named after a Paradise Lost quote).

Speaking of Mouse. She and Bennett are on their way to warn Marcus and Tomas, he's in a bad way; split open and bloody - possibly septic after the altercation with the Maria Walters-demon. Then, it's back to the Isle of Iona, UK in 1999 with Mouse just about to take her vows as a Nun. She's is close friends with Father Marcus who is wearing a horrendously dodgy wig, which gives him a very messianic-look in an aesthetic nod to the seventies setting of the original source material. Upon returning to the present, Tomas realises he knows very little about his mentor's life, and in all likelihood will continue to be kept in the dark as Marcus is so reluctant to share. Back in the neighbours' house, poor Harper's is suffering from nightmares and is visibly in shock, understandably so, given the fact that her mother's lifeless corpse is still lying in the Kims' bath.

She isn't the only one who is struggling - Tomas, just as Marcus told him, is compromised. The second flashback in which we see Mouse's gross misjudgement which led to Marcus leaving the Church the first time is spectacularly foreshadowing as history looks set to repeat itself. (Side note: Why are the Priests on the Isle of Iona speaking with Irish accents and not Scottish - or am I not supposed to ask?). Back in the bedroom, the two exorcists welcome assistance in the form of Verity who wants to save her Dad, and during her moments with him, she makes progress; there's a brief glimpse of her gentle patriarch before he is overcome by the evil once again. Tomas tries to help the surly teenager and stands next to her protectively but who's protecting him? Mouse leaves Bennett in the hospital and is now one hopes, as they need all the help they can get, on the way to Marcus and Tomas.

This is another episode which relies upon non-linearity and multiple points-of-views, I'm very much enjoying the possessed soul's perspective, however, and it's a personal thing I can't say I'm a huge fan of the flitting back and forth between locations and timeframes. This show has been incredibly successful at building mood and tension and the constant back and forth does create a disconnect at times which ruins that build-up somewhat for me. That said, it has only been the one or two chapters that have felt muddled and convoluted.

A Heaven of Hell ends with an island blackout and a whole host of questions. Will Bennett pull through? How far gone is Tomas, please Christ no integration this week - he is going to be able to prove himself as an exorcist after all? Will Mouse arrive just in time to save the day? How bad do I now feel for labelling Russ and Colleen as creepy? When will we get a new Constantine starring Ben Daniels? Or a film with Alfonso Herrera and Oscar Isaac? (Yeah, okay, that one's just for me). We're heading into the finale (double episode, perhaps?) unsure of the outcome, although I'm very much looking froward to an all-woman smackdown: Mouse vs. Nikki (well, the thing that has her form). Dear Lord, please save Father Tomas, my heart depends on it, Oh and Andy, John Cho has been tremendous.

The Exorcist airs on Syfy UK Wednesdays at 9pm. Season one is available to stream on Amazon Prime.

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