The Exorcist: 2.04 One For Sorrow

Sister Dolores Navarro (Karin Konoval) was one of the Catholic Church’s most prolific exorcists, now all that remains of her is a body, her soul having been integrated with a demon. She/it stands in a circle on the floor of the Belgian catacomb surrounded by holy ash and candles; imprisoned - and sometimes tortured - by Mouse. She who is keeping her, in part, out of loyalty to the woman Sister Delores once was but mostly to find out exactly what the legion of demons taking over Priests want with the Church. Outside of targeting exorcists and possessing/killing obviously.

In Seattle, it’s moving day for Harper, finally she's away from her abusive mother and looking forward to taking refuge with Andy and his lovely, if troubling, family. As Rose, Tomas and, Harper’s fave, the “terribly charming” Marcus prepare for the trip, Papa Kim and the kids are still dealing with the aftermath of the dive-bombing murder of crows. A representative of the US Fish and Wildlife Service, Peter Morrow (Christopher Cousins) is testing the fowl corpses and unusual sea life which has washed up on shore. Shelby’s still adamant that they, and the deformed lamb, are a bad omen but Morrow puts it down to the effects of global warming and science not religion and superstition. One person who isn’t happy by the new girl’s arrival is Grace, she’s sulking and looks to be developing her telekinetic skill as vases wobble, picture frames shake and doors slam in her presence. If it’s not her then who? Her imaginary friend or the supernatural entity which is determined to take over the house.

Tomas and Marcus are afforded some time to look around the house and surrounding area. Marcus notices the birds and what appears to be thick white cobwebbing in the trees before getting hit on by the nice fish man. Inside, Tomas already feels something isn’t right, made all the more convinced by Shelby and the handprints on the wall. These, if you remember were first seen in Janus during his vision while he was helping Cindy. One can’t help but wonder if all this weirdness starts (and potentially will end) with the Kim matriarch - “she was a great mom. I don’t get to talk about her much, people are frightened to say her name.” - is this thing responsible for her death or did it follow the suicide? Then, there’s the island witch who poisoned all of her children, we could even go back to Angela Rance who integrated to save her daughter. So, what’s the deal with mothers? The fact that Rose is the one to have the experience with the crunching, slithering and dirty pond water-dripping shadow figure could be an extension of that, she is the surrogate bringing children into this family. Now that we know the extent of her and Andy’s history - revealed over chocolate pudding - could mean she is also in just as much danger as everyone else.

What of that danger though, surely aside from targeting the Kims specifically, this thing has to be luring the two exorcists to… where or what? I mean, sure, presumably to Mouse and Bennett but to what end, how is it related to the overarching plot - will they be able to save Sister Delores or will one of them find themselves at the wrath of Maria Walters and her soul-suckers who are so intent on finding them. The old grey lion and the cub share a wonderful moment over a lamenting pint as they finally cease sniping and realise they need each other, though Marcus questions whether Tomas is his partner or replacement “You believe in God Tomas and I believe in you. Aside from that, I haven’t got the foggiest,” he tells him.

Much to Andy’s delight, Grace finally goes outside, a little happier about everything and while they’re playing in the garden Verity comes home ill from school (for real this time) and… all I will say is nothing will prepare you for the final few moments of One For Sorrow and brava to director So Yong Kim (Lovesong, For Ellen) and writer-producer Rebecca Kirsch for setting it up such a way. Quite simply it makes for brilliant television.

Watch it, I implore thee.

The Exorcist airs on Syfy UK Wednesdays at 9pm. Season one is available to stream on Amazon Prime.

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