The Bold Type: 2.07 Betsy

This week's episode doesn't hesitate to get stuck into its main storyline. As Jane is getting ready for her first day back at Scarlet, she discovers a locked case, one that contains Sutton's shotgun. Jane is both shocked by and uncomfortable with this reality, and from my perspective, understandably so.

Being from the UK, US gun culture has always baffled and confused me. So, the second it was revealed that Sutton had a gun I was immediately on Jane's side. She lives in the city; she doesn't go hunting, why would she need a gun?

The ensuing story was more nuanced that I expected. Jane was predictably resistant to the idea of Sutton's gun. But once she opened herself up to the idea of gun ownership, specifically for the purpose of skeet shooting, Jane began to understand a bit of Sutton's perspective.

To Sutton, her gun wasn't an implement of death, it was a connection to her most fond high school memories. It was a symbol of the control she had when she was shooting that she didn't have at any other point in her teenage years. And yet, she gives it up. Because no matter what attachment or what feeling having and using that gun gave her, there is always another, less dangerous, way to find it.

This storyline also, once again, shows an excellent example of conflict resolution. Jane and Sutton genuinely spend time trying to understand each other's point of view. Though Jane dismisses Sutton at first, she realises that is the wrong thing to do, both as a journalist and as a friend. The Bold Type is good at showcasing how talking through your problems can help to solve them. The scripts move ego and preconceptions to the side to show the strength that open and emotional conversation can have. This is incredibly important in a TV landscape that so often puts violence and 'sucking it up'  at the forefront of its stories.

Jane and Sutton aren't the only two having important conversations this episode. Over a somewhat awkward meal, Adena and Kat set up some rules for their non-monogamy. This leads to Kat's first tryst, which also happens to be her first foray into being dominant in the bedroom. After this encounter Kat breaks one of the rules, when she tells Adena about her experience.

The only part of this process that was left in any vague terms was the dominance itself. Kat's bed partner tells Kat that she likes to be told what to do in bed, but there are no parameters or safewords established. In an episode of intense and understanding conversations, it seems odd for this to have been left out. While I understand that Kat's adventures are only part of the point of the story, the other part being the fact that her heart is with Adena, it is a disappointing oversight. Its not the end of the world, but it would have been nice to have the discussion of parameters included, or even just implied.

However, once she get back home to Adena, Kat can't wait to tell her about her experience. This was a good addition to the episode. Keeping her exploration a secret would make it feel dirty, like it isn't meant to be happening. But, by talking to Adena about what she has found out about herself, Kat normailises this behaviour. It isn't dirty or wrong, it's just different. It is a learning process, and it's beautiful that Kat wants to share that with the woman she loves.

Watching The Bold Type always makes me think, but this episode in particular got the cogs turning in a way that other episodes haven't. This is partly due to the fact that I wasn't expecting guns to ever come up in the show, but also because of how they dealt with each character's differences. This season just keeps getting better and better, I can't wait for next week so I can watch more.

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