The Bold Type: 2.06 The Domino Effect

After weeks of freelancing and interviews that went nowhere, things finally begin to look up for Jane's career when she is nominated for an award for her writing. The only problem, it is for her article on Jacqueline coming forward about her sexual assault.

The way the Jane and Jacqueline's stories and careers are connected has always been a part of the show that I have been most intrigued by. Jacqueline is Jane's mentor; they are both writers and both incredibly motivated to excel in their field. But I have also been enjoying seeing Jacqueline prove advice and support to Kat and especially Sutton, in Jane's absence. Something which I hope will continue now that Jane is back.

When Jane first asked for her job at Scarlet back, Jacqueline said that she needed to live in her failure. Now she has let her come back because she is no longer in a place of fear. But it doesn't feel like it has been that long. This may be because the time frames between episodes aren't fully defined. But Jane has only been gone from Scarlet for six episodes, and she was employed elsewhere for two of those. Her award win and having to face Jacqueline, not as a mentor but as an interviewee, may have given her confidence. But how much has she really learned?

One part of this episode that I  wasn't expecting to find as charming as I did was Jane's new boyfriend, Dr Ben. At this point it seems he is at least going to be a semi-permanent fixture in Jane's life, and thus the show, and I quite like that. With the exception of Richard, The Bold Type has been very good at drawing me in and making me love the main characters' partners almost as much as the main characters themselves.

But Ben takes this to the next level as he offers counsel when Kat is sad, but leaves when he realises that he isn't needed. This happens again later when Jacqueline approaches Jane at the awards event. Ben realises when to give women the space to speak, and that he isn't needed in all conversations. This is super important because so often women's spaces and voices are eclipsed by the men around them. So, I look forward to seeing more of Dr Ben.

Meanwhile, Kat is in crisis. After her dirty dream about one of Adena's friends last episode she is feeling guilty. But, when asked, she still goes out to a bar, where she ends up dancing with and kissing another woman. It didn't mean a huge amount, she had only just met the woman, but it happened.

Discovery and coming to terms with your sexuality is difficult, even more so when you are queer. Kat has just found another part of herself that she never knew existed, I don't blame her for wanting to explore. I would too. Adena's acknowledgment and acceptance of this was also incredibly heart warming to see.

Polyamory and open relationships, which is where I hope this storyline is going, still aren't discussed very often in mainstream media. So, to have polyamory be negotiated and enacted on a show like The Bold Type, which tackles large issues with a huge amount of sensitivity, could mean a lot. It could mean that more people realise that it is a possibility for them, or to come to accept it in others. I am on the edge of my seat in anticipation. This storyline could be great, but it could also be terrible. Only time will tell.

These two storylines were interwoven with what I hope is the end of Brooke the influencer's time on The Bold Type. She isn't nice to Sutton. Sutton, fortunately, notices this just in time to see Jane win her award, despite the presence of Richard's new girlfriend. Of the main three women in this show, Sutton is the one I relate to the least. But I am still routing for her, and I am glad that she isn't letting heartbreak get in the way of her career. This storyline is also critical of the new 'networking culture'; networking can only take you so far. It shouldn't come before job performance, and you should always remember that people are people, not career stepping stones.

As always, I am excited to see where the rest of the season takes us. What will Jane's first assignment back at Scarlet be? What will Kat and Adena decide? Will Sutton finally get over Richard? And when will we get a resolution to the friction between Jacqueline and Cleo? I'm tuning in to find out.

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