The Bold Type: 2.04 OMG

Above all else OMG is about relationships; platonic and romantic, new and old. The first is Jane's fledgling relationship with Dr Ben Chan. Ben has been in two episodes so far as the subject of a couple of articles, but this week the writing is replaced by romance. Or at least it is meant to be. Everything is going great between the two of them until Jane sees Ben say grace when their food arrives at lunch. This makes her apprehensive and their ensuing dinner very awkward. However, the tension is resolved when Jane reveals that the priest at her mother's funeral told her that God had taken her mother to a better place. To which Jane's only thought was 'what better place could there be for a mother than with her children?'

Christianity hasn't really been spoken about on the show, as any discussion of religion has revolved around Adena's identity as a Muslim. This plot point was more than a little unexpected, and it could have fallen completely flat. But Jane's willingness to talk about her mother gave a small insight into how complex people's relationships with religion can be. Where one person finds solace, another will find only frustration.

Jane telling Ben about her mother, which has previously been established as a difficult subject for her, also indicates how much she likes him. This relationship may be here to stay, as long as one of this episode's returning characters doesn't throw a spanner into the works. Pinstripe, now working as a gossip writer, bumps into Jane at a coffee shop. While I am glad to see him back, I really hope that this doesn't end in a love triangle. Love triangles are boring. Seeing two characters who used to date manage to forge a platonic relationship based on their common interests; now that wouldn't be boring at all. But while The Bold Type often breaks the mold, will it go that far?

Meanwhile, Kat is introduced into the world of the New York Lesbian, and finds out that Adena has dated or slept with a large portion of it. This freaks Kat out, especially when Adena refuses to talk about it. At first this confused me a little, after all it is a running joke in the Lesbian community that everyone has dated everyone because the community isn't very big. However, being new to the scene, Kat wouldn't know this, but even if she did, I can see why she would be apprehensive.

By the end of the episode the fight is resolved. This did make me notice that, of the four episodes that have been released so far, Kat and Adena have fought in three of them. This may simply be because tension makes for a more interesting story than smooth sailing, but it also got me thinking about their relationship. Kat and Adena haven't been together for very long, yet they are living together, and all of their fights are somewhat based around their lack of knowledge about each other's lives. Could this mean that their relationship, as full of love as it is, is doomed? Or could it just be that they have moved quite fast and are now having to play catch up with learning about each other? Either way I hope they stay together; it is nice seeing queer women be happy together.

Last but not least, Sutton is having a bit of a friendship crisis. After orchestrating a new friendship with an influencer who comes to the Scarlet office, she is left in a bit of a bind when said influencer puts $500 of cocaine on the drinks tab that Sutton has said that Scarlet will be picking up for them. I must admit that this storyline baffled me. The influencer is very obviously being a bad friend, and Sutton has been made uncomfortable, so why continue the friendship?

My confusion may stem from the fact that I am not part of a world as competitive as the fashion industry, or from the fact that so much of the networking on The Bold Type involves clubbing and staying out all hours. But I really can't wrap my head around why Sutton would take such a risk with her career. While Jacqueline did tell her that sometimes risks are a good thing, I feel like this is too much of a risk for the amount of potential connections that Sutton is going to make. All that that means is that it is probably going to come back to haunt her in an episode or two.

Speaking of Jacqueline, she was conspicuously absent from this week's episode. Following last week's passive aggressive introduction of a letter from the editor to Scarlet's monthly roster, I was looking forward to seeing how she dealt with Cleo's inevitable indignence. But I got nothing. I know that Jane, Kat and Sutton are the main characters, not Jacqueline, but I am still confused as to why this story was taken off the boil. I am hoping that next week's episode will bring the continuation that I am waiting for.

Despite this lack of Scarlet's ever fabulous matriarch, this was still a good episode. It showcased just how much The Bold Type is dedicated to developing their main characters in nuanced and complex ways, as well as touching on larger social issues without making it seem heavy handed.

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