The Bold Type: 2.05 Stride of Pride

After her moral compass stopped Jane from becoming a gossip writer last episode, she is still unemployed and has gotten to the point of living off of instant ramen. However, things start to look up when she gets a tip for a job, once again from Pinstripe.

I'm not sure what role Pinstripe is going to end up playing for the rest of the season. Last week I said how cool it would be for him and Jane to become friends without any sort of sexual or romantic tension, and I stand by that. I like him as a character, so it would be interesting to see how he is redefined when sexuality isn't the primary aspect of his storyline, as it was in season one.

Jane interviews for the job, writing at a women's magazine, but ends up not getting it because they are looking for a more diverse hire. Her anger at this leads to an argument with Kat, who is in the process of trying to find some diverse staff to fill out Scarlet's social media department. They eventually reconcile after Jane checks her privilege and realises some of the systematic ways in which people of colour are blocked from getting into the job that they want. In Kat's case this means battling a policy that requires every Scarlet worker to have a degree.

I really enjoyed this storyline. The Bold Type has never shied away from the differences in background of its characters, and this is no exception. This acknowledgement of the ways in which different identities can effect peoples lives is refreshing. Media aimed at women over the past couples of decades has had a tendency to either focus on straight middle-class women, or to ignore how the world treats certain people differently. Which is why it is so important for The Bold Type to continues to have storylines about intersectionality and how there is no 'one size fits all' when it comes to fighting for equal rights.

It is also great that the characters each acknowledge that they each have different privileges. While Kat is a queer woman of colour, she is also the only one of the three main characters to have grown up with two parents in a rich family. By taking this into account, The Bold Type gives an example of how all of the identities that someone holds interact with each other to influence the ways in which that person is treated by society.

Meanwhile Sutton has a conundrum of her own. The episode opens to her waking up in bed with a man, only to have to dash off as she is late for work. When she sees this man again, she discovers that he has a wife. Sutton then sets up a meeting with his wife to tell her about what happened. The conversation she has influences her to go and see Richard, presumably in order to reconcile. But, when she arrives, she sees Richard taking another woman up to his apartment.

Sutton and Richard's relationship was never something I was very invested in, and when it ended I was fine with it. Yes it is complete nonsense that if they were openly together then Sutton would be judged for it. But they are such different ages and at such different points in their lives, that their relationship always seemed a little out of place. So I was, at least when I first watched the episode, a little surprised that the long term attachment angle is being played.

However, once I thought about it, Sutton and Richard were always shown to really care about one another, so it makes sense that there would still be an attachment there. My guess is that Richard's relationship with this mystery woman is going to become quite serious, meaning even more drama if he and Sutton get back together. But for the first time I am interested in seeing an ending to this that isn't just Sutton and Richard not being together.

Overall, this episode was a fun watch. It had serious storylines, but also jokes, sex and friendship. Which is a recipe for success when it comes to The Bold Type. Still no continuation of Jacqueline and Cleo's story, which I am waiting for with baited breath. And Jane is still adrift from full-time employment. But who knows what next week's episode will hold, I am certainly excited to find out.

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