The Apprentice: 10.10 Premium Puddings

According to Lord Sugar the days of binging on half a tub of Ben 'n' Jerry's are gone and he wants to find out which premium puddings would garner the most orders from three supermarket retailers.

First, the teams. Like the disruptive, unpopular kid picked last at sports Daniel was swapped for Sanjay which pleased the latter and he was soon badmouthing Bianca, something he would later regret. Lord Sugar would also pick Roisin and Katie as PMs to test out their respective ready meal and restaurant business plans.

This far into the competition it seems fair that Lord Sugar should consider business plans as part of his assessment. With Katie wanting to start up a healthy eating restaurant you would have thought she'd have a great understanding on flavours. That saffron and truffle oil were new to her was worrying, as was Sanjay's suggestion of combining pear, cherry and hibiscus.

Tenacity were straying into dangerous territory with 'A Trifle Different'. When it came to flavours it was fairly obvious by the strong orange colour that Katie had used far too much saffron in her custard. The gingham patterns on their branding were also overdoing it yet Mark and Sanjay were convinced that they were onto a winner, until the public taste testing. Whether clever editing or not Sanjay managed to ignore most of the negative feedback despite the alarm over the overuse of saffron in a dessert. These were comments he should have focused on yet market research is usually overlooked in these tasks anyway.

Being the classy girl that she is, Roisin came up with 'Tea Pot', tea-infused cheesecakes which sounded genuinely promising. They first needed to nail down some flavours which lead to Daniel appearing concerned that he should be upstaged by Bianca's tea expertise then 'magical eggs' which refused to crack when making the cheesecake.

While Daniel looked out of place, Solomon was in his element after persuading Roisin he'd be useless in the manufacturing. Thankfully for him the simple, stylish and refined branding ticked all the right boxes. However, the proof in the pudding would come in the pitches. For a while it appeared that Daniel had turned over a new leaf until he opened his gob during the first pitch to ASDA when Rosin had explicitly told him to be careful what he says. However, with Daniel behaving Tesco seemed impressed with the more understated pitch.

Tenacity would come under increased scrutiny as Waitrose disagreed with the less than premium branding and the trifle itself as it slopped out onto their plate. Then there was Mark who had named himself as the team's prized stallion, only he didn't look at the races. At first it was the coughing, then nerves until finally he looked genuinely ill in the boardroom.

With over 10,000 more placed orders Summit triumphed and it was left to Tenacity's trio to squabble amongst themselves. After Nick had called Sanjay 'nameless' it was Karren's turn to stir it up and make him sweat when she rightly called him out for badmouthing Bianca behind her back. He had been doing that for weeks yet Lord Sugar was now looking at the end game and the three began shouting over themselves over why their business plan was the best. This was eventually what the judging was based on which makes you wonder how poor some of the business plans were should these get so far. With the plans coming under intense scrutiny next week Lord Sugar decided that he would fire both Katie and Sanjay as he did not have faith that he could go into business with either of them. Only five remain.

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