The Apprentice: 10.09 Random Items

Time for the 'random items' episode with a commemorative twist. Regular viewers will know the drill by now; negotiate the prices for nine items with penalties for tardiness and not collecting the full quota. Items from the past decade of the show were to be selected, from an fully sized anatomical skeleton to scallops. The budget was £1000 yet this was more a challenge of logistics with a negotiation between what you could, and could not, get away with.

Almost inevitably following last week there was a scrap for PM duties between Mark and Daniel with the latter prevailing simply to shut him up. Katie insisted that there be no arguing only for her and Mark to badmouth their boss as soon as they were out of earshot. To be fair to Daniel he proved worthy of the position with a decisiveness throughout and supportive, if slightly insincere, praise. For Summit it was Sanjay's time to shine yet he appeared nervous and largely wasted the first two and a half hours of the task trying to plan the day. While Tenacity were already on the hunt, Summit were still calling around.

Last week a merchant called Derek (or at least that's what James thought) looked to have played a huge role and this week it seemed that scrapyard dealer Declan could play a similar role. Katie and Mark thought they secured a bargain with a Belfast Sink for £75 until Bianca used her nous to use that as a starting point to strike a £60 deal. Smart work. Meanwhile, Daniel was using his best Jewish lines to knock £2.19 off a Kosher chicken and celebrating that wildly.

At least Daniel was being realistic. For all the time spent planning it seemed that Sanjay was far too naïve for the position of PM. Trying to buy a skeleton from a clinic window was an obvious waste of time which showed little forethought. However, Felipe showed some out of the box thinking by considering the item's description. He really is a lawyer masquerading as a businessman as he cheekily thought he could argue that a paper skeleton would suffice, an oversight that would prove crucial. At £14 it seemed ingenious yet there was an added cost to come which would prove that the £230 equivalent for Summit was a fine deal.

Tenacity really were beginning to see what they could get away with. After splurging on packs of seeds Mark then tried his luck and asked if the garden centre could throw in a piece of old rope. While Felipe had over-analysed the spec, Katie had overlooked it completely and failed to cut the rope to the appropriate 1m length. Still, Daniel was happy as he rather patronisingly told Katie that this was "unbelievable" with all the wide eyed wonder of a bored parent responding to their child's pleas for attention.

Like a scene out of Snatch Daniel tried to use his waning Jewish charm to get a knockdown £172 price for the diamond. He almost got sent out for impertinence but fine, until Roisin pulled out all the stops and charmed her way to the truly unbelievable price of £50. Daylight robbery with some delicious Gaelic gall.

To secure the oud oil the two teams could not have gone to two more diverse locations. Mark and Kate looked to have stepped into an episode of Shameless as they met a dealer in a hoodie and beard on an estate. It looked like shots could be fired if negotiations went sour so Katie sorted a £48 deal and got the hell out. Sanjay and Rosin found themselves in far classier surroundings, Stratford in fact, where they splurged £100 instead.

By this point it showed that Sanjay really was struggling for time as they rushed for scallops and could not even locate a whole Kosher chicken before time was up. Back in the boardroom it was backslaps all round for Daniel as Tenacity had secured all the items and had arrived on time, what could possibly go wrong?

The judging truly is not over until Lord Sugar has had his final word. Summit had indeed spent more money and accumulated more penalties until Lord Sugar decided that the paper skeleton really was taking the mick and slapped on a £310 fine. This seemed all too harsh as Felipe had initially shown initiative and the description really was not that specific. While Sanjay triumphed despite largely failing in time management, logistics, leadership (the list goes on) Felipe was fired. For a moment it appeared that the end was nigh for Daniel with this being his fourth appearance in the boardroom yet Sugar seems to see something in him. The others see a vindictive, difficult, loathsome oaf and it was no surprise that he received an icy silence upon his return to the house.

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