The Apprentice: 10.08 Farmers Market

It was a trip to the Farmers Market for The Apprentice this week which meant wellies and dodgy West Country accents. The teams were told to find two debut products and one high-end product to sell at The Royal Bath and West Show. Of course, the stakes are ramped up week on week and it was not just the products on show but the stress which meant for childish bickering and spats throughout.

For his logistical sense and organisation skills, Felipe took the reins for Tenacity and he had a job keeping the rambunctious Daniel onside. The rest of the task was relatively straightforward. Joined by Mark, they picked out the vintage tweed flatcap handbags and bicycle trailers, only they forgot to negotiate the price which was a schoolboy error. After Kate implored them to return they struck a 'one-off' deal of £50 off the trailers, at least that's what they thought as this was also offered to Summit, cheeky.

As with any selling task, getting the most profitable item was crucial and in this case Daniel and Kate prevailed with the hot tubs. While Daniel thought his individual brilliance and winning personality had won the vendor over, the triumph was largely down to a major cock-up from the other side.

With PM duties again, James got himself over-excited and promptly addressed the vendor as Derek when he's actually Anthony. Oops. He had already over-ruled Solomon, Sanjay and Bianca to go with his gut over the two debut products of the hanging chairs and dubious foldable wellies which seemed bossy enough. Whether through guilt, embarrassment or to try and keep his team motivated he tried to pass off Anthony's besmirching as his own change of heart. It did not fly, the others knew something was amiss and Roisin knew it would come to back to bite him.

For the time being James hoped he could shift some lawnmowers, a task he largely failed at. Though for a time it looked like he might have been ok as Daniel was doing his best to rip Tenacity apart through bickering. No-one likes him yet on occasions like these he really does not help himself. Karren Brady called it when she described his selling techniques as pushy though this could be extended to argumentative, arrogant and generally intense. It was no surprise that after some cajoling Felipe decided to trust Mark with selling the prized item. For one, he seems like a man you would trust and he is also Australian so he should know a bit about hot tubs. Like a child demanding his go Daniel attempted to swap stalls despite Kate having set up appointments. Kate bluntly put the phone down on his ludicrous request and as if to prove the point, while Daniel had face on in front of customers Mark managed to sell seven hot tubs to just one man.

Things were not rosy for Summit either as James looked to be feeling the pressure. He knew he had cocked up over 'Derek' and Roisin happened to be nearby to receive a relatively undeserved volley. James never seems suited to PM duty and his patter of "You undermine me, you patronise me. Stop it" immediately followed by "Conversation finished. Keep working hard" was aggressive and pathetic in equal measure.

Back in the boardroom James finally confessed as to why he decided upon lawnmowers which prompted giggles from Tenacity. On the final count they were still laughing as they romped home with £30,115.25 compared to Summit's measly £4,757.50. The hot tubs were the difference and after Lord Sugar's prompting Roisin pulled James to task. The team's failure was largely his own fault but Sanjay did not escape without receiving his own withering put-down. Little has been seen of him apart from near constant whining, little has been heard from Nick Hewer either yet when he speaks it usually means something meaningful. "In all of my notes over the last few days, your name does not appear anywhere. You don't feature. You don't stand out. Nameless." Ouch. Few could muster a reply to that and Sanjay spluttered though it was James that got fired.

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