The Apprentice: 10.07 Soft Drinks

Finally, the advert episode as The Apprentice went Stateside for soft drinks.

Only three from each team could go to New York which meant the Project Manager position was keenly sought. Mark was appointed for Tenacity on the basis of his creative branding experience, creative in that he made the team believe he had any. He is a Sales Manager and what stood out was his total lack of flair, at least Daniel provides some spark because people genuinely cannot stand him. Poor Daniel, he was left in Luton to design the branding and the man that excels at everything failed at that as people strained to see the yellow logo on a white background, a schoolboy error.

What do you get when you mix a Sales Manager with two lawyers? Meh, which pretty much summed up their healthy, vitamin-packed, water-based soft drink. They called it 'Aqua Fusion' and such a tedious moniker received a pitiful response from the locals. Clearly they had failed to address their American market and the kitsch, family driven advert lacked the energy and passion that Felipe demonstrated as director. He even sobbed at seeing the digital billboard at Times Square, bless. The pitch was agonising as the trio backed off their audience and bored them to submission. Americans want explosions and razzamatazz, not two lawyers delivering a sermon. This was as bland and flat as the drink itself and they were quite clearly playing it safe, which will get you roundly ignored Stateside.

Summit were never going to be ignored, not with Bianca, James and Solomon involved. Their ballsy caffeine-based energy drink was 'Big Dawg', named courtesy of James who suddenly seems endearingly productive. In contrast to Tenacity, this was bold, brash and therefore tailored for Americans. There was a can with paw prints! A snappy digital billboard played at Times Square with the tagline; 'Its bark is as big as its bite. Is yours' which didn't really mean anything! They flirted in the casting auditions! It was young, it was exciting yet the advert was personal and boring which was criminal for an energy drink.

The pitch was not much better. For an advert to stand out amongst the behemoths of the drinks industry it needs to have something a little different. In this case the lack of music and general downplaying of the advert itself was argued to be innovative, which goes against most marketing techniques. Thankfully for Summit the advert was the only drawback in the entire campaign as they were deemed worthy winners.

Mistakes in branding let Tenacity down and the blame game began. Mark decided to bring Lauren back for her general apathy and lack of contribution, which was fine. He also decided to bring Daniel for supposedly being Daniel as he failed to actually narrow down a specific reason. Clearly no-one likes Daniel yet even Lord Sugar managed to single out his pathetic excuse for creativity on a woefully inadequate logo. Clearly Lord Sugar doesn't like Daniel yet Lauren had to go simply for standing back too often.

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