The Apprentice: 10.06 Board Games

After the excitement of coach tours, this week each team was given just 48 hours to create an original board game. As tedious as that sounds, there were still hi-jinks to be had.

Going for the safe option were Team Summit who came up with 'Geoknow', an educational game based on hinting at a location for your team to guess. So far, so good until you realised that James was Project Manager. Even on his best behaviour he still managed to fail to understand the rules or the ever so simple notion of the game itself ie you cannot use the actual answer as a hint.

As time wore on James' true colours shone through which found him loudly arguing with Bianca over accusations of being undermined. Eventually he had a point. As the team went about their pitches James struck upon the idea of 'exclusivity', specifically selling the game to one outlet per postcode. Thinking she would jump on the idea, Bianca decided to sell just six games exclusively for the Westminster borough. Big mistake. Not only had she sabotaged her own pitches but also the rest of the teams' in the best possible district which left James to ask a shop to leave the product off the shelves to only sell it online, somehow they went for it.

While Summit had shot themselves in the foot, Tenacity left the ideas room with a limp product. In the week where Dapper Laughs was banished from our television screens (incidentally, how much does he remind you of James?) we had 'The Relationship Guru'. The market research called it sexist and seedy with one volunteer quoted as saying, "If someone got this out at a party I'd probably leave" yet Tenacity refused to pull out. Certainly not Dan who had come up with most of the quiz questions, that was until he left a pitch squirming from addressing stereotyping concerns when suddenly it was all Pamela's fault.

Despite shying away from PM duties, Mark proved his pitching prowess by selling the game as fun and engaging, basically making sure that they tried not to pay attention to the questions. The game provoked cringeworthy looks yet the lasting image was not of Dan's aggressive pitching or even Pamela despairing as she put down the phone, no, it was Felipe sitting crestfallen on a couple of boxes of unsold stock. With James as PM, Summit had sold out and achieved almost double the profit of their rival.

Back in the boardroom, Lord Sugar labelled The Relationship Guru as bad taste which no-one could argue with. The arguing really began when Dan tried to celebrate his sales figures when he had sold absolutely no stock, a fact which Lord Sugar was only too happy to point out. From the man who said, "there's no I in team but there's five i's in individual brilliance" we now know he believes that he is "complete in the world of business". Lord Sugar labelled him a fantasist yet still kept him on as Pamela bit the bullet.

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