The Apprentice: 10.04 Video Channels

The Apprentice has always been one of the frontrunners for car crash television yet this episode will take some beating. This week each team was given their own video channel and the team whose videos garnered the most views won. What followed was an ordeal in cringeworthy, and generally painful, viewing.

Lord Sugar appointed who he felt were the two candidates most suited to the task with Ella Jade taking charge of Tenacity. Apparently she was hoping to eventually set up a television production company so it was her time to shine... and she failed miserably. When ideas were pitched there was hope that 'Fat Daddy Fitness' would generate a giggle before being swiftly crossed out. Alas, in the hope that mock offence would entice a view they actually decided to stick with it.

Poor Felipe. The fall guy was tasked with admitting to camera that he was a "Fat Daddy" when he should only be considered overweight according to Topman. There were press ups, star jumps and the whole ordeal felt inordinately cruel. It was like an 80s movie where the lead grows up being bullied before becoming a supermodel or a superhero. There was no happy ending here as concerns from Pamela and Daniel were met with stifled, sympathetic laughter from Buzzfeed and deathstares resulting from Steven's waffling pitch.

Solomon was Project Manager for Summit and this task seemed tailor-made for him. Their 'Dare To Dine' idea seemed to have legs yet was executed poorly. Was it funny? No. Was it informative? No. In perhaps one of the more ill-fated moves of the episode the videos featured James trying to act as 'the funny man'. He was in his element gooning around with fake teeth throwing flour about yet it all seemed rather aimless.

There was a point where they could have decided to go informative by pairing with an online foodie yet Solomon decided to go with the numbers and the path to hilarity was set. Only Buzzfeed wasn't laughing. In fact, they helpfully suggested that their target audience be revised to 8-10 year olds and to 'Kill James' which was hardly a ringing endorsement, helpful though it was.

The only shock was that just over 3000 views were recorded for both channels. In the cringeworthy stakes, Dare To Dine was deemed more bearable leaving Steven and Sarah to meet their fate with Ella Jade. Eventually, Steven was deemed a lost cause, no-one had any confidence in Sarah and Ella Jade was a no hoper to which no amount of begging could redeem her. In the only enjoyable part of the entire episode, all three were fired.

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