The Apprentice: 10.03 Home Fragrance

Things started getting strange when it transpired that both teams actually had a decent product to sell. No mean feat when the task was to create an original fragrance then sell it as candles and diffusers. The margins are always tight yet this was the crux of the challenge; setting prices and sticking to them.

An accountant by trade, you knew that Roisin would be intensely scrutinised for heading a project that created a high end product then sold it at a high margin. Indeed, the packaging for her 'Beach Dreams' scented candle looked professional yet the selling and pricing was haphazard. This was largely down to James who decided to make himself loudly known by charging whatever he could get away with, even if it meant giving away diffusers just to ensure he had nothing left.

Perhaps James was selling too well as on two occasions the team ran out of stock when they could have sold for more profit. The most notorious occasion being when they returned to a luxury hotel fresh out of diffusers having sold a batch to a gift shop at the outrageously cheap price of £8.50 each. At least they sold out of stock as it was clear that the team was carrying two passengers in Lindsay and Nurun with the latter managing a laughable sales figure of just £12.

Kate headed Tenacity and was quick to stamp her authority. Her market research team had done their job and noted that soy wax was preferred to paraffin while plain colours would be best. Nope, the candles would use paraffin wax and be a gaudy yellow. An unnecessarily pointless outing there then.

Something else that was avoidable was leaving Daniel in charge of a sales pitch. Having admitted that he would not be seen in public with one of last week's products, this time he was trying to offload 50 candles to a hotel that only had 21 bedrooms. Thankfully, Steven stepped in as the voice of reason to conclude the sale. Who thought that would happen after last week?

Clearly, Tenacity were struggling as a deal was almost scuppered with a luxury hotel when the labelling was sloppy. To make matters worse, Sarah could not sell a candle even at £10. With less than an hour to go they still had stock and having failed to sell out turned in a profit of just £1584.09. But hang on, Summit only made a profit of £1569.32 meaning that with the cost of a reasonably priced candle between them, somehow Kate had come away a winner.

Now the finger putting could begin with Roisin blaming James as it "was not a firesale" only for him to constantly interrupt Lord Sugar in his own defence. When it came to defending herself, Lindsay admitted defeat and Lord Sugar was only too obliging to fire the swimming instructor for treading water amongst sharks. They were still to return to the boardroom where James was only too lucky that Nurun was clearly the weaker link.

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