The Apprentice: 10.02 Wearable Technology

If the excitement of four extra contestants was not enough, this week there was a bumper edition of The Apprentice to kick off series 10.

To appeal to the hipster crowd, the episode was based around 'wearable technology'. If the previous episode was anything to go by then it was apparent that Robert had a gauge on what was hip and happening amongst Generation Y. With his ridiculously curly 'so laughable it might actually be good' haircut and his loafers with no socks policy he was singled out by Lord Sugar as a Project Manager. Only, he managed to excuse himself from the gig leaving Scott to assume responsibility due to attending a expo two weeks before. Either Robert was braver than he looked or precisely as stupid.

Before even appointing a PM, the girls were still deciding on a team name after the decidedly disastrous 'Decadence'. Eventually they agreed on 'Tenacity' which was not much of an improvement. Again, no-one really wanted the gig of PM so with experience of a limited niche Asian market, Nuran took the reins.

Now came the tricky part, actually coming up with a product. The boys had the ambitious idea of an 'Instagram shirt' with the premise being that you took a picture which magically projected itself onto the shirt. This was quickly shot down by those in the know and without a sub-team manager chaos ensued. Eventually they decided upon a grey sweatshirt with a camera that filmed whatever the wearer saw onto a memory card. Great for security staff, not so good for revellers. The added bonus was a set of fairy lights that lit up the phrase 'on air' so everyone would know they were being filmed.

While there were a few moral issues with the shirt, Robert's line of "Privacy is History" was alarming at best. Retailers were not convinced and Daniel, the man who likes to think of himself as a selling machine, was left to front the blame. Not only for failing to defend the product amidst concerns over filming in clubs and staring at a girl's chest. Oh no. In perhaps the only occasion where you could actually believe what Daniel was saying he admitted that he would not wear the shirt in public.

The girls had also strayed into trouble when they failed to agree on a single idea for their product and went with three. Heating panels were promising, the LED flashing lights on the lapels were a little worrying yet not as much as the solar panels. Now, it should be plainly obvious to anyone with even a basic grasp of GCSE Science that solar panels need to be exposed to sunlight. However, this is The Apprentice where the obvious becomes drowned in a hyperbolic sales pitch and only when the prototype was unveiled did they discover their glaring mistake.

The prototype may have looked futuristic, in 1983, yet the sight of solar panels in full view on the jacket's shoulders simply looked ridiculous. Yet in terms of sales it actually gained 250 from online retailer Firebox, presumably as they could work with the idea. The boys scored a grand total of zero, zilch, nadda, not a single order. With Lord Sugar understandably irritated at Robert's 'bottling out', he was swiftly fired before Scott was even asked to bring in Daniel and Solomon. Then there was still time to send Scott home for failing to lead. Three boys down and only two episodes in.

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