Supergirl: 3.10 Legion Of Superheroes

Oh come on Supergirl! I was rooting for you and you’re just doing the same old stuff every other genre show did and you’re not even doing it that well!

After our season break, Supergirl is back and she’s in a coma form her big fight with Reign. This of course leads to Braniac 5 turning up in Kara’s coma dream. This is a really underwhelming Braniac. The costume and design is very cheap looking which is a shame, coupled with a rather boring performance. I feel like I'm watching someone copying how they think someone else would play the part.

In an early scene Sam and her goofy daughter Ruby are playing Nerf and we see that Sam doesn’t really know she’s Reign. This feels like its setting up for a rather trite redemption arc for the character. It feels almost inevitable that the power of friendship and motherhood will break the connection between Reign and Sam but I’m secretly hoping the show does something more interesting than that. I can’t help thinking back to the Doomsday plotline in Smallville

Lena talking about having a chat with Kara about kissing Jaaaames all feels a bit overly convoluted. She references that Jimbo and Kara ‘used to date’. They tried to go on a date like once and it didn’t work out? Still, I think this is about Lena being open with her friend but STOP KISSING JIMMY LENA its gross and he’s toxic and just stop it now. Also, seeing Katie McGrath in the news room reminds me that she should be a Lois Lane.

I really don’t like the Lena/Jimmy relationship and hope it doesn’t last long. James’s face in one scene when Lena moves away from his touch is just unpleasant. It’s the difference between understanding and getting annoyed and that is an issue with the character over all, which I think we have to lay at the feet of the actor – his reactions to things always seems annoyed, never understanding. The scripting is where the character often resorts to blame but Mehcad Brooks brings it to life.

With the threat of Reign, J’onn wants to use some Kryptonite anti-Superman defense initiate – which Superman and Supergirl earlier removed from play but I’m just wondering why they never used this protocol when Kara’s aunt was causing trouble in season 1? I really like J’onn reluctantly playing Kara to put Lena off the scent. His irritation at being asked, like a dad who has to go and pick up his teenagers after a date, is really nice. Melissa Benoist’s playing of J’onn-Kara is really good, her voice and physical performance is great and funny while the scene still has a level of character pathos to it.

I’ve said before that I commend this season’s attempt to create a more interesting, rounded villain. I don’t feel that they’ve quite achieved this with the full on duel identity of the villain; Reign isn’t Sam and Sam isn’t Reign. They’re two different entities but its more interesting than previous baddies. However, I still can’t get behind the character and relationship the other characters have with Sam. Unfortunately, I don’t care enough about Sam that it in any way plays in to how I feel about Reign.

The league not wanting to get involved because they’re physical receptacles of a plan that will save the future is a bit of a cop out but at least it gives them a conflict of conscience before getting involved – its a bit of a narrative stalling device to stop them helping straight away. When they do their heroic putting on of the Legion Rings, it would have been cooler if they didn’t have such horrible costumes.

Attacking to the tune of Bon Jovi was fun but I feel like they’ve noticed this is a fun thing to do and have done it a few too many times this season.

Of course, Supergirl snaps out of her coma just in the nick of time. After the Legion and J’onn fight a valiant battle against Reign, she wakes up and joins them but it was actually a little underwhelming when she does, she gets a poor sassy line and fights for about 20 seconds. Still, I’m never at my best when I’ve just woken up.

Kara trapped in her coma world is an over used narrative technique, not one which is without merit but here it doesn’t feel especially interesting, its kind of the easiest and most vanilla version of this trope.

I thoroughly dislike Lena and Jimmy. I have so many issues with it. I did really like Lena being worried because she’s Lex’s sister and he’s Superman’s BFF, that was a really nice angle for her to have concern about. Now if she could just be worried about James’s toxic masculinity, male entitlement, condescension and habit of sulking when he doesn’t get his own way…

The moody, mopey soapy nature of this season is draining the fun from the show. This episode shows no direct evidence that the show is going to lighten up again but Kara at last kind of talks about it after her coma. Lets just hope there is a big turn around planned for the final arc of the season.

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