Supergirl: 2.17 Distant Sun

The Supergirl opening monologue still says she’s a reporter at CatCo? I think Kara is fudging her CV.

The previously on provides the important notes for anyone who didn’t see the Flash/Supergirl musical crossover. That fun, if slightly unsatisfying, mash-up story provided Kara with an opportunity to reevaluate how she’d been treating Mon-El, see the error of her own behavior, understand his and forgive him.

I like the element of domesticity this week's show opens with, we’ve never quite had a good superheroes being a normal couple on screen (Lois and Clark tried with varying results and Batman V Superman was embarrassing with its weird Lois and Clark in the bath scene) and while this doesn’t exactly nail it, its nice to see supers being ordinary and couply.

Lynda Carter! Lynda Carter is in this episode! With the threat of the Daxam ship still, literally, hanging over the world, President Wonder Woman has ordered the DEO not to engage with the ship. This all becomes very complicated when someone puts out a galactic hit on Supergirl and alien bounty hunters start turning up. Inevitably it turns out it was Mon-El’s parents – or to be precise, Mum-El – who put out the hit.

The Alex/Maggie relationship has another stumble this week, when they run into Maggie’s ex. After a failed attempt by Alex to reach out to her and help build bridges, she find out that Maggie cheated on her ex, hence why they broke up. I feel like now Alex and Maggie are together the show is looking for dramas to keep the story fresh. While I like that they’ve avoided the usual coming out clichés that they could have dwelled on with Alex, they’ve gone down a slightly boring path which is too often painting Maggie as a bit of an arsehole. I do though love how Alex deals with the news and supports, comforts and helps Maggie here, with the issue (and forgiveness she provides) being about Maggie lying to her and herself, not an ages ago indiscretion in a previous relationship.

Obviously that goddamned bar rears its head again, when Mon-El invites his parents down to Earth to discuss his future. Though I love that, in trying to impress them, he calls himself a mixologist! With Mum-El eventually turning out to the be the villain – with a suitably predictable last scene twist – Teri Hatcher has gone full on panto villain. She’s a really good actor but here I’m finding her a little cheesy, Kevin Sorbo is definitely the more the subtle performance.

One of the bounty hunters after Kara uses mind control and posses Mon-El and uses him as a weapon to attack Kara. This starts with a great moment where everyone is just laughing at him because he’s moving about funny as he gets taken over. The apologising, explaining fight scene between Mon-El and Kara was great. Except… Jimmy. While Mon-El is uncontrollably attacking Kara and she defends herself, Jimmy, as Guardian with his weapons and training and skills, runs off to help her fight him. While Winn, with a stapler, goes after the mind-controlling alien. Why Jaaaaaames? Why did you do this? You went to fight a super being in an attempt to protect another super being and, inevitably, you got knocked down within seconds of showing up. Jimmy should have gone after the alien. That makes sense, he was more suited to defeating the alien than Winn and was totally ineffectual against Possessed Mon-El. This, intentional or not, just shows more or Jimmy’s toxic, entitled masculinity: Must fight perceived alpha male threat worthy of my ability and protect women. Man, I hate Jimmy.

There were some great moments this week but it was a little bit flat over all and felt like it was slightly treading water. I find Supergirl's relationship with the DEO more and more worrying. I don’t think a super should ever be an employee, tool or weapon of the government but that’s kind of what she seems to be. This week, pretty much taking/disobeying orders. There is a great running joke about Mon-El having not quite finished Romeo and Juliet and thinking it was a sweet, romantic story. Of course I always love seeing The Fortress, though I’m sure The Fortress would sound an alert if there was unexpected Kryptonite in there? Also, there was a Daxamite soldier who got blown out into space in a very, very morally questionable death caused by our heroes.

I do still, really, want to see Mon-El in a better super hero costume!

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