Supergirl: 2.16 Star-Crossed

This was a fun if muddled episode and as a preview to the big musical crossover, it doesn’t really do any heavy lifting but it does drop a few little nods.

The opening scene has some gentle seeding for the musical episode with Kara watching old musicals with Mon-El trying to get over being fired from CatCo (or her Funemployment, as she calls it) but, doesn’t she kind of work for the DEO? Surely she can get some kind of stipend from them?

I have to confess – I thought we and the characters already knew that Mon-El was a prince!?! Perhaps that’s just me getting confused with the progression of the character in the show and stuff from the comics? Mon-El has had a lot of various, changing origins in the comics and that might have been clouding my viewing but I’ve been watching this whole season thinking everyone knew he was the prince expecting the twist to be he was the prince’s guard instead (and would be found out when Mon-El’s parents show up and he’s not the real Mon-El). Oh well…

I think the show’s VFX are getting more confident in their fluidity and the use of scale in the opening sequence between Supergirl and the invading ship was really visually dynamic. Also, a daytime encounter was great to see.

Nothing makes me happier than seeing Teri Hatcher and Kevin Sorbo, even if they look like villains from a He-Man holiday special. I can’t help but slightly compare Hatcher’s guest stint here to her appearance in Smallville, while wildly different programs in tone, her cameo in that show was emotional and touching, while here its more high camp. I’m happy that Supergirl is a light hearted show, it’s the perfect balance to the dark and gritty DCEU but does mean (especially) this show can dip rather easily onto cheesy and the Dad and Mum-El definitely take that dip.

Kara is a little bit of an arse this week. She’s clearly upset by Mon-El keeping the truth from her but her reaction does seem a little extreme. I thought we’d moved past the near racism she showed when he first turned up, though it kind of works to flag it back here. I like that she almost acknowledges that her anger is temporary though and the people around her gently suggesting she need to try and view things from Mon-El’s point of view helps.

The side story this week revolves around Winn and his alien Girlfriend, who it turns out has been playing him so she can set him up and rob an art gallery. Poor Winn, this feels a little unfair that he was tricked. That said, while he has some rough moments this week, it turns out, of course, that she’s not all bad and was just doing it to protect her brother who had fallen in with a bad crowd. No one in Supergirl world who betrays people they love are ever actually evil, they’re just trying to protect people they love.

Urgh… Jimmy is hanging about this week. He’s just standing about in a vest. Urgh. Why did Winn turn up with Jimmy? Jimmy seems to practically be working for the DEO this week. I’m also not sure why the DEO seem so reluctant to help try and clear Winn’s name. He’s a vital part of their team but J’onn doesn’t seem prepared to expend even a few resources to help him out. This is where I feel this show can sometimes be a little flakey with its character constancy for the sake of plot. Winn works for the DEO, the DEO know he’s been set up. Surely the DEO could spare a team to head down there and help their person? Eventually, spearheaded by Alex and with help from Jaaaaaaames, a DEO team do help Winn out with a sting operation to clear his name and reunite him with his girlfriend. Winn also gets a great line later in the episode where he tells Kara he thinks he and Cisco would be BFFs if they met!

There is cool but short scene between Kara and Mom-El and I’d have liked a little more of that. I quite like the idea that Mon-El was almost caught up in escaping by chance. In Mon-El’s confession/apology I really like the fact he said he was spoiled but didn’t know. By the end of the episode, Kara dumps Mon-El. Her break up was quite sad but real, if not a little hypocritical. Mon-El keeps making mistakes and Kara keeps telling him he needs to be better and work harder to be a better person to make things work but she actually doesn’t do that herself. Relationships take hard work and different types of work and Kara is the one who doesn’t seem to be putting any work in, she simply asks Mon-El to do all the changing. I’m not sure if this is deliberate or just wobbly writing? However, Kara putting their relationship issues aside and asking Mon-El to think about the amazing fact his family and people are still alive is more what I want to see from Kara.

We get a good, if slightly contrived cliffhanger but… the fact The Music Meister isn’t Neil Patrick Harris is a sticking point. This is just some guy who looks like just some guy but it does set things up for The Flash/Supergirl musical episode…

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