Supergirl: 2.11 The Martian Chronicles

Just as I was beginning to get a little bored with Supergirl, The Martian Chronicles has pulled things back for me. I still feel that perhaps the show has some underlying problems that have been there from the start, problems I’m noticing (or perhaps admitting to) now that the momentum and excitement of the first season has slowed but I found this to be a genuinely great episode, with particularly well directed action and VFX sequences complimenting a strong, character driven story… and, no Jimmy.

Kara turns up to have a post confessed his feelings chat with Mon-El at the alien bar, I’m a little fed up of the alien bar now, it was cool at first but it very quickly became over used, like that club in Buffy or that club in Angel. The scene itself is quite a sweet, nice moment between Kara and Mon-El and segways well into another lovely little moment as Alex tells Kara she can’t spend her Earth Birthday with her, my main concern arising from this sequence was finding out Alex is a Bare Naked ladies fan… oh, Alex.


There is a great pre-titles scene with a full on Martian Manhunter/White Martian/Supergirl smackdown! Melissa Benoist looks genuinely iconic in the Supergirl outfit and when the show remembers that, it delivers some full on badass hero visuals – everything in this opening fight is great.

So M’gann’s evil ex-husband, Armek, has turned up to try and take her home for punishment and makes the obligatory threat to kill everyone she loves. After Alex heads to the DEO to speak to Kara instead of watching Bare Naked Ladies (good call Alex, I’d rather go to work than go to see BNL live), M’gann turns up to help find her evil ex… then M’gann turns up to help find her evil ex. Realising one of the M’gann’s must be her ex in disguise, there is quick a tussle with J’onn and Armek - who runs off - and J’onn puts the building in lockdown.

So, this is the standard The Thing set up; no one knows who is really who they appear to be etc. A very affective test to find the alien scene using fire shows that Armek is disguised as Winn, who then runs off. While searching the corridors Alex and Kara and J’onn and M’gann have little emotional heart to hearts, the former about Kara’s hurt feelings and abandonment issues and the latter about J’onns developing feelings for M’gann. Its soon discovered that there are in fact two White Martians in the DEO, which put my mind at ease because up to then Winn being a Martian undetected didn’t make sense?! Alex is also a Martian and she and Kara have a visually awesome fight in front of a very comic booky nuclear reactor!


There is some great action and great character work this week. There’s a growing sense of Kara’s developing isolation and loneliness, as everyone around her seems to have found purpose and relationships in their lives – when she finally has a heart to heart with real Alex and Kara confesses how she’s been feeling its good to get some of it out in the open, because she’s been getting ever so slightly entitles in recent episode even a little sanctimonious (though Jimmy should just stop the Guardian thing. Just, stop.). With M’gann deciding she needs to return to Mars to try and educate her people we get a lovely, sad scene between her and J’onn where she confesses her feelings for him too, before she transports out of his life. Another well played, all to real sad moment, is when, as the dust settles at the DEO, Alex runs off to call Maggie and Kara turns to Winn, who then runs off to help Jimmy on the streets – leaving Supergirl all alone. I actually miss Winn being Kara’s best friend but it feels all part of the narrative; that people are moving away from her to focus on their own lives. Perhaps this will feed into making a biggest space for Lena Luthor in her life?


With Mon-El apparently getting over Kara already, just as she realises she might like him (isn’t that just always the way) the end of this episode was a real emotional downer and I did just want poor Kara to have someone she could go and get coffee with and chat about the latest Netflix show.

Oh and I loved Kara's Power to the Girls t-shirt. Thats the kind of Supergirl I want to see.

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