Supergirl: 2.09 Supergirl Lives

Supergirl is back after her little Christmas hiatus ands she’s feeling a bit bored! The episode opens with SG chasing down some jewel thieves, only to have Guardian step in at the last moment for the takedown after she’s done all the hard work. I’m over the Jimmy/Guardian storyline more than I can describe. This new avenue of his story is actually compounding my dislike of him. His needy insistence on bigging up the Guardian is annoying and not the funny little joke with the audience it’s obviously meant to be. Jimmy has been for me a misstep of a character from the get go and the shows attempt to redefine him in the line up is just making things worse.

Winn, on the other hand, just goes from strength to strength. A hugely irritating side character in S1 he’s really found his spot in the show and the narrative in tonights episode explores this really nicely. During the opening tussle with jewel thieves, Winn gets punched to the floor and almost shot, setting up some nice soul searching for him.


Post Christmas, we also find Alex super-loved up, which is awesome as its one of the best TV romances I’ve seen for ages. She and Maggie seem so very happy… you just know something bad is going to happen. In fact, it’s almost so inevitable that something bad will happen to their relationship, it spoils it in the now. Kara is still struggling at work and coming to blows with Perry Lite, who still feels like a holding character. Unfortunately Kara’s interactions with him just feel like going through the same basic arc as with Cat.

So, Kara has decided that Mon-El needs to start getting to grips with helping people and she takes him along when she investigates a missing girl. The Kara and Mon-El relationship is far more charming than I ever expected. It feels far less forced than the potential Jimmy romance – side note; I did find it slightly weird that Mon-El has got a job at the alien bar because all the bar staff were murdered a few weeks back! After investigating kara and Mon-El discover eveil aiens have been kidnapping young people and taking them to a slave planet, Kara shirt rips and heads through the portal connecting earth to the planet and, ignoring her instructions to get help, Mon-El follows. Once on the alien world, which looks in no way like a rock quarry, they find a Red sun so, uh oh, no powers. But still, they head off to save the day.

The DEO figure out what has happened and start mounting a rescue mission. Kara going missing leads Alex to freak out and break up with Maggie, because she thinks she can’t be happy without bad things happening. This is really nicely done, there’s a realistic feel to the way she reacts, like she suffers from a level OCD and not just sibling guilt. Winn, having his won crisis of confidence, is requested to go into the field – aka travel to the other planet – leading to him having a panic attack. This was another great step for the character, narrativly he may have found his place in the show but in reality, he’s this is a man who has been thrust into this world of heroes, aliens and spies so its nice to see him reacting to that. David Harewood doesn’t do much this week, J’Onn can’t go to the alien planet because reasons.

As director, Kevin Smith doesn’t really bring anything to the table. It’s not like a Joe Dante or a Rachel Talalay where you can feel its something a bit special. The episode title – a riff on his failed Superman script – has no relevance to the ep and feels a bit of a waste.


There are some great one-liners this week; Mon-El calling Paris “Paris City” made me chuckle, seeing how some many DC locations are called Something-City, also when he is running toward the portal shouting “Start the car, start the car!” his not quite getting it is actually becoming quite endearing. Winn gets plenty of pop culture references this week too, calling the transportation portal a Stargate as well as stressing about being a Red Shirt. A Dominator casually turning up on the alien planet is great too, you’re really starting to feel the wider universe of these shows.

The episode ends with a powerless Supergirl inspiring the captured slaves to stand up to the villains to claim their own freedom and everyone loves a ‘people stand up to villains because a superhero inspired them’moment. Just before leaving the red sun planet, Alex triggers a sun grenade, whch emits a blast of concebtarted yellow sun radiation and give Supergirl a temporary boost, allowing her to bust up the bad guy spaceship and save the day. The sun grenade was cool but, like, why didn’t they have loads and just triggering them the moment they saw Kara?


What I don’t understand – maybe I missed something – is why Winn, who worked out how to open the portal from our side had to go through it to work out how to open it from the other side? Why not leave him on our side to just repeatedly re-open it? Does Winn work harder, longer hours than anyone else I wonder? Kara is a reporter, so she has a certain flexibility with her work role plus has amazing speed and stamina so can juggle Supergirling and day-job work. James is basically the boss at CatCo, so doesn’t have to do much during the day, he has the flexibility of being in charge so can juggle his Guardianing and day-job work. But Winn, Winn has to go to the DEO and work a full day THEN join Jaaaaaames all night for bad guy busting. Winn must be exhausted!

Not the best episodes of the show but this is a fun post break return with some very comic-booky off world action and some great character development for most of the gang (Alex and Maggie reconcile so yay!).

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