Supergirl: 2.05 Crossfire

Ahhh, heat vision hair cut. Supergirl opens with a charmingly cheesy montage sequence of Kara getting Mon-El ready for his life in the real world, complete with discussion about glasses and possible future super heroing. Mon-El is growing on me, the actor is charismatic and his misunderstanding of how things work is a nice touch.

No idea what is going on with James. Why is he the boss? Why? I feel like they set him up as one thing for season 1 that didn't quite gel and now he's a bit of a loose end? In story, he's isolated himself from everyone in his life; Kara, Lucy, Winn even Superman to a degree. Inexplicably leaving him in charge of CatCo is the only way to keep him around. Also, why is Jaaaames just allowed to wonder around the DEO?


Alex and Maggie (Malex? Aggie?) is still lovely. While characters don’t need romantic subplots to be interesting, this one has opened up Alex’s character and given her far more depth. I’m also really liking the Winn/Alex friendship that has been bubbling up and the scene where they’re chatting about Maggie is lovely. The fact that Alex doesn’t quite realise she’s got a crush on Maggie is great and watching her processing her new feelings is frustratingly real, we’ve all been in that situation.


So criminals have got hold of alien guns from Cadmus and are causing havoc on the streets. These weapons can harm Supergirl so she has to tread a little carefully. I’m enjoying how much the wider, wacky sci-fi universe is a part of Supergirl. No on screen Super has got to grips with the vast universe of random aliens quite as wholeheartedly as this show.

Jimmy taking on the mantle of a vigilante hero, even one borrowed from the comics, is a development I don’t need or want. While there is some scope in building on the concept of Jimmy feeling frustrated at being in the shadow of heroes, the problem with this development is that it sits on the foundation of the character as he exists now: sulky, passive aggressive and a bit of a douche. I felt that Kara was being pretty harsh to Mon-El, he’s only been trying to live in the world for about a day and she’s really chastising him for not being perfect! Inevitably, the bad guys are defeated - with a little help from Lena and Winn - and a little more of the Cadmus puzzle is put into place with a slightly predictable and very clunky end reveal.


Lots of great moments this week; Supergirl being stoic and tough with Lena, then turning away and mumbling crap under her breath; the whole Kara/Supergirl both at the same party scene along with “You just missed Supergirl!” “Golly!” . The idea of Winn having been wasted at CatCo and finding his calling at the DEO kind of vilifies some of the flaws I felt the character had in the first season and I can’t get over how much more I like him this season. Alex’s I might be gay scene with Maggie at the end was really touching and so nicely played, like every other aspect of Alex and Maggie’s relationship. The action this week is especially excellent from the very start, really dynamically directed by Glen Winter, with flair, style and an awesome use of colour.

This was a strong episode that I really enjoyed, the strength of the character stories outweighs anything lacking from the Villain of the Week stuff and I’m even more hooked on these people and their lives (well, apart from Jaaaaames)

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