Supergirl: 2.04 Survivors

Let's start off by pointing out, this is an alien fight club episode. Every show does a fight club episode; Buffy, Smallville, various Star Trek series, so the background story of this ep is a bit of a let down. However, over all, this is a great episode.

The opening Daxam scene was nice, it's always good to see some other planet flashbacks, though the design was a little Martian looking.

I'm not feeling the Kara Snapper thing yet. Kara is a terrible reporter. She has literally no journalism training. She walks up and declares great stories she's gonna write but her ideas are gibberish. Snapper is right in his assessments of her ideas but his approach, in the confines of an ongoing drama, is a little predictable. Obviously this is about Kara’s growth but I worry that while she may be learning a nice, moral of the week each episode, she’s not learning anything that addresses the fact that this season she feels ever so slightly entitled. I’m highlighting the difference between Supergirl and Kara here as well, without Cat around Kara doesn’t actually feel like she’s trying very hard in her new job as ace reporter, my worry is that this is unintentional and as such may not get addressed within the narrative.


Lots of great character work this week, Mon-El is still bit cutesy, sarcastic, cool guy for me though his adjusting to earth is nice and I feel he could grow on me, I also like his interactions with Winn who has quickly become a far more interesting character this season. Maggie and Alex going on cop dates are really sweet, especially when they head to the fight club and dress up nice. Their interactions are just the right balance of cute and awkward but perfectly normalised. Alex's moment when Maggie's girlfriend turns up near the end is heart-breaking because of the very real way she barely flinches, continues to smile yet looks totally crestfallen, Chyler Leigh is especially good with this new aspect to Alex’s character and its really great to watch her performance.

When Supergirl inevitably turns up to try and break up the aforementioned secret alien fight club, I'm not sure why she started fighting? She could and should have just ignored the giant alien, who was contained in a fight cage, and focused on capturing the human fight organisers. A touch of illogical behaviour for plot reasons? Also, when Supergirl goes after Sinclair a little later, she makes a point of stopping her by very dramatically yet unnecessarily using her heat vision but she busts up the whole road! A public highway, Kara! I have to say though, Melissa Benoist (who is always excellent) has absolutely nailed her landings. They have the gentle control of Reeve's landings.


There is a lot of good stuff between the Martians this week, with some really great J'onn and M'gann scenes mainly focusing on J’onn’s inability to let go of the past and M’gann’s desire to run from it (including getting herself mixed up in the alien fight club). I’m not familiar with Sharon Leal but she’s really good and I’ve taken an instant liking to her and her portrayal of Miss Martian and of course David Harewood is always great.

I like the idea of Kara wanting to fulfil her intended role of guide and guardian to Clark by taking Mon-El under her wing. It's nice for her to have this little added level of meaning and focus in her life as well as another, kind of, link to her old home and life, another great touch this week is Supergirl saving the day through talking and less fighting.


The episode story of an underground fight club was really, disappointingly pedestrian but the character work and interplay this week was very good and this was a far more satisfying episode than the first few this season.

Bonus: Jimmy wasn't part of this weeks story.

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