Supergirl: 2.03 Welcome to Earth

From the off this is a pretty wobbly episode, though lots and lots of fun! While the actual narrative is a little on the nose and at times un-engaging, the character work and wider world building is excellent. Perhaps we're still stuck in the season 2 re-arrange stage but three eps in I'd like things to start settling.

Kara's new editor, Snapper, feels like a grumpier Perry White-Lite; Perry-Lite. I found the office meeting, dick swinging scenes between him and Jimmy a little odd. Obviously, we're supposed to be team Jimmy here and while it's obviously about Jimmy finding his place and taking control, he's so passive in his new role you've got to wonder why Cat left him in charge. Why? Why did Cat leave a staff photographer in charge? Perry Lite is proving to be a predictable work foil, I hope he has hidden depth the way Cat did.

Plenty of Supergirl awesomeness this week; Lynda Carter as The President being the number one awesomeness! Kara's aside of how could anyone even have voted for that other guy is a fun little Trump reference. Also nice is the line in reply to the accusation of false hope it's hope, how can it be false? Supergirl being excited to meet the President, stood chatting with an equally excited little girl is an especially beautiful moment of heroes having heroes.


We check in with Lena Luthor this week, just to remind us she's around, feels like they're still seeding this character at the moment. I can't help thinking Lena not turning out to be bad would be an interesting twist.

The best work done this week is in the characters, especially Alex. She crosses paths with newly transferred Cop, Maggie Sawyer. If you know your comics then you know the HUGE possibilities this character could open up for the show. Alex and Maggie instantly fall into the start off hating each other but grow to like each other romance trope. It's beautiful to see non-straight sexuality handled so casually. Their relationship pattern is a pretty tired, predictable, unsubtle cliché that we've seen a hundred times but this time, it's two women. Sure it's a little obvious and is a bit cheesy at times but the fact this potential relationship is same sex is treated as irrelevant, exactly as it should be, especially in a show that can help influence how kids view the world.


Kara has proved somewhat fallible this week and shown a deep vain of prejudice and privilege. It was very interesting to hear J'onn mention what it's been like living on Earth in America having chosen to live as a black man, especially as Kara didn't seem to think about it all. The whole narrative of Kara being prejudice towards Mon-El was pretty heavy handed and also very predictably resolved, no real depth or examination was applied to what was actually a life long racism that Kara displayed aggressively, almost violently. If Supergirl is going to be so unpleasantly flawed I'd like to see a more substantial resolution, not just a cheery change of heart. Also Mon-El is really boring and generic and comes complete with the standard casual, slightly sarcastic, likability that suggests he's going to be a love interest. The cute charming schtick is so old that it almost signposts characters. Maybe I'll be proven wrong?

Lynda Carter's President mentioning her other jet was almost too much geek out for me to cope with! I was left curious; does Wonder Woman exist in this universe? I kind of want to think she does and I think that would be an amazing S3 character introduction.


I feel like a lot was going on but not much happened this week, I love this show but it really needs to shift gear in terms of where it's going. Always fun and never not enjoyable Rachel Talalay's excellent directing deserves a big thumbs up and there was a very cool cliffhanger!

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