Star Wars: The Clone Wars: 7.07 Dangerous Debt

Star Wars: The Clone Wars: 7.07 Dangerous Debt

Ok, now things are getting interesting.

That, in a nutshell, is the best way to summarize Dangerous Debt, the seventh episode of The Clone Wars' final season. It's not that Ahsoka's story arc has been boring - quite the opposite in fact - but thus far it's been hard to see how the former Jedi's adventures with the Martez sisters will take us anywhere close to the highly anticipated Siege of Mandalore that's expected to close out the series.

The moment the Mandalorians appeared on Oba Diah, however, everything became clear: this is the key to how the story transitions from Ahsoka being a captive of the Pykes to fighting on Mandalore. Of course, how this all happens remains to be seen, but the short scene with Bo-Katan Kryze is clearly meant to serve as the hook for whatever is meant to come in the near future.

And speaking of interesting things, Dangerous Debt is also full of callbacks to past The Clone Wars episodes, including the season one finale Hostage Crisis and A Friend in Need from season four. Putting in references to past episodes can be a good thing, since it can serve to tie story threads together, particularly as a series is winding down. However, your mileage may vary with these references, since Hostage Crisis aired over a decade ago and newcomers to the series might not get all the references to Ziro the Hutt and Cad Bane.

All that being said, tying the Martez sisters' situation into the events of Hostage Crisis was a clever move, since it takes an early episode and puts it in an entirely different light. Many Star Wars fans are familiar with watching the Jedi chase down villains and engage in speeder chases across Coruscant and other planets, but how often have we really thought about the human toll that occurs due to these events? Trace's story about losing her parents puts a human face on the situation and that's important, because it should never be forgotten that battles like this have serious consequences, even if you're only a bystander.

Ahsoka goes through quite the emotional roller coaster in this episode. From being practically accused of being a Jedi due to the way she's acting, to hearing a blunt account of how a Jedi, strongly implied to be Master Luminara Unduli, "comforted" the Martez sisters, it's clear Ahsoka's worldview (and any faith she had left in the Jedi Order) has been deeply shaken once again. For the first time, it seems that Ahsoka is learning that she can't keep playing at being a Jedi, because doing so has put her new friends in a situation that could get them all killed.

There's one thing about this episode that continues to bother me: how is it that Ahsoka hasn't been caught using the Force yet? She did so much with it in this episode alone: tossing crates, assisting Trace with a hair-raising jump, manipulating opponents during a blaster fight, it seems hard to believe that during all of that no one outright saw her doing it. To be fair, Rafa did begin to question how Ahsoka made a particularly far jump, but Ahsoka cut her off before she could demand details. Maybe Ahsoka is just really good at being subtle with her use of the Force, but I continue to believe that sooner or later the Martez sisters are going to learn who Ahsoka used to be.

Dangerous Debt is another quality installment of Star Wars: The Clone Wars. A peek into the backstory of the Martez sisters paints Rafa's actions in a completely new light. Plus, new revelations about past events force us to rethink what we know about the Jedi Order. And don't forget, there are Mandalorians on Oba Diah, and they know Ahsoka is there, something that will likely come into play before too long. Things are now starting to shape up for the Siege of Mandalore, and the last five episodes should be a wild ride indeed.

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