Star Wars: The Clone Wars- 7.05 Gone With a Trace

Star Wars: The Clone Wars- 7.05 Gone With a Trace

One of the big reveals when season 7 of Star Wars: The Clone Wars was announced was that Ahsoka Tano would be returning to the series after leaving the Jedi Order at the conclusion of season 5. 'Gone With a Trace' gives Star Wars fans something they've long wanted: the continuation of Ahsoka's story after walking away from Anakin, the Jedi Temple, and the only life she's ever known.

This episode is strongly implied to immediately take place after the season 5 finale, as it appears that Ahsoka is still very much trying to figure out what she's going to do with the rest of her life, racing away from the high-rises of Coruscant on a speeder bike. And then comes the opening twist that sets up the rest of the episode: due to her speeder basically dying in midair, Ahsoka literally falls down to Level 1313, a place well-known to hardcore fans of the series. This setting is essentially one giant Easter egg. For those not in the know, some years back there was going to be a Boba Fett-centric video game based in Level 1313. Fans everywhere were drooling over the idea, but the game was ultimately shelved. Now, in this episode, we're finally given a look at this strange place so far from the surface of Coruscant, a place where everyone is scraping to get by and the Jedi might as well be on another planet even though the surface is only a few miles up. It's a part of Coruscant we really haven't seen all that much of, since 99% of the action on Coruscant takes place on the surface level.

Ahsoka actually fits in pretty well on Level 1313, some minor bumps aside. It seems strange that she would be taking all of this so calmly, but she was training to be a Jedi for many years after all, so I doubt her training to calm her emotions would disappear overnight. It's also quite possible that Ahsoka is going the practical route, i.e. 'there's no point in crying about it let's just focus on staying alive.' Still, all that being said, if you watch closely at certain points, you can tell Ahsoka is trying to keep it all in. An emotional break is definitely possible at some point.

The Martez sisters are an interesting pair of characters, as well as being a prime example of everyday people just trying to get by. Trace is really likable, and I enjoyed the interactions between her and Ahsoka. Rafa, however, comes across as extremely unlikable in my opinion. She clearly doesn't know as much about being streetwise as she pretends to, and years of watching Star Wars has taught me that such an attitude can get one killed very quickly. In other words, those sisters are headed for trouble and I don't think they realize it.

As you might expect, there is a bit of unspoken tension regarding whether or not Ahsoka will reveal her Jedi training in any way. While Ahsoka's combat training can be explained away (and is in a rather touching way), the big question I had was: would Ahsoka use the Force? When the moment finally does come, it'll make you hold your breath because this was literally a make or break moment for Ahsoka's new life. It's a really well-done scene, one that isn't held out too long or made awkward by anyone noticing Ahsoka's "talents."

"Gone With a Trace" gets the new story arc for Star Wars: Clone Wars off to a flying start. It was great to see Ahsoka again and this episode left me more than ready to see where she goes next until the Siege of Mandalore arc begins.

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