Star Wars: The Clone Wars- 7.03 On the Wings of Keeradaks

Star Wars: The Clone Wars- 7.03 On the Wings of Keeradaks

The third episode of Star Wars: The Clone Wars season 7, 'On the Wings of Keeradaks', picks up where the previous episode left off, and follows Anakin Skywalker and the Bad Batch as they attempt to successfully escape the Techno Union with the recovered clone trooper Echo, whose rescue has taken up the first part of this season. As is usual with most rescue plans in the Star Wars universe, things quickly go sideways and our heroes have to recruit allies in order to make good their escape.

Overall, 'On the Wings of Keeradaks' is a good episode. It stays focused on the primary task of rescuing Echo while also reminding viewers of the larger Clone Wars conflict when Anakin and the clones convince the natives to help them fight against the Techno Union. There's also an intriguing story hook that could come into play in a future episode, but more on that in a little while.

Wrecker's antics are one of my favorite highlights of this episode. The oversized clone means well, but seeing the reactions to his "help" are really funny. Not to mention his reaction to Anakin moving him with the Force. It provides several humorous moments that feel instantly classic. Another cool moment is when Tech uses a recording to summon the keeradaks as a means of escaping from the Techno Union. It's a cool visual and was not at all how I expected our heroes to escape from danger.

All of that being said, there is one part of this episode that bothers me and it has to do with Echo. It seems to me that Echo has recovered awfully quick from his ordeal considering how bad his condition was in 'A Distant Echo.' For that matter, we went from Echo being unable to walk under his own power at the start of this episode to almost fully participating in the battle in the final act. He's even bantering with the others like he hasn't been missing and held captive in torturous conditions for the last few years. I get that it was probably easier to make Echo an active participant in the story instead of having him be dead weight, but still, it seems unnatural that Echo would get better so quickly. Maybe his clone genetics helped his recovery along, but the timing of it all felt really off to me.

To be fair though, the episode does throw in a few hints that everything is not as it seems with the rescued Echo. First, there's the Techno Union's mysterious hint that they would need to find a way to "recover their investment." That alone implies there's something about Echo that Anakin and the others have overlooked. But also, right at the end of the episode, when Rex says "it'll be like old times again", Echo noticeably doesn't seem too sure about that. There's clearly something that's going to happen with the former ARC trooper, and it will be a devastating blow to his rescuers, particularly Rex, who seems to think that everything will go back to normal.

'On the Wings of Keeradaks' seems to bring the first story arc of this season, the rescue of Echo, to a close, and it will be interesting to see where the final season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars goes from here.

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