Star Wars Rebels: 4.12 Wolves and A Door

episode that seemed to fly by, and this is a credit to the enticing animation, beautiful music and story extras; by this I mean what’s to come as opposed to what’s shown in the actual episode, as ultimately not a great deal happens.

After Ezra fills in the team about the Jedi Temple, he calls the Loth wolves with the Force to ask for transport as they have no ships or speeders. This scene and the following one cement what’s so mesmerizing about the show; the imagery and music blend so well together. It’s amazing how after several episodes there is still mystery surrounding the wolves’ history and purpose. OK we know they’re heavily connected to the Force but that’s about it. Much like Yoda, I hope once all is done the mystery is still very much alive.

As the Rebels each mount a wolf they set off at speed for the temple, with an extra dose of comedy as Chopper is carried in their mouth. After some fantastic scenery the wolves enter a hyperspace-like tunnel that we’ve witnessed before with Ezra. Yet again the imagery is tantalizing, neatly running through parts of past seasons, mainly involving Kanan; this I suppose is hypnotizing to the team as they wake up at the temple as the wolves leave.

Arriving at the temple, the Rebels find the Empire has firmly taken charge of the area, and in true Rebels fashion they steal uniforms in order to gain access. Ezra and Sabine go and investigate while the rest stay behind. The story element is very much stretched here with Hera, Zeb and Chopper acting as narrators including a sequence depicting Hera’s continuing grief over Kanan. Even though it’s been a few episodes since Kanan’s demise, there’s a continuous emotional atmosphere that helps to increase the stakes as the team want to succeed more than ever to somehow validate his death.

The audience is also reintroduced Emperor Palpatine, where he mentions that they have discovered a piece of art that he refers to as “The Mortis Gods”. For anyone who has seen The Clones Wars series you’ll know these are three beings that are manifestations of the Force. These were some of the episodes I remember fondly and loved for its development of the lore. They served a purpose before, mainly to bring back Qui-Gon Jinn as a Force ghost and to develop the whole Anakin-was-the- Chosen-One story. Here in Star Wars Rebels however, I wonder where they fit in. Don’t get me wrong, I look forward to seeing what happens next but wonder if there’s perhaps a little too much fan service here … time will tell I guess.

The episode continues with Sabine and Ezra comparing the Mortis artwork to the stone delivered by the Loth wolves. The only aspect I didn’t particularly like here was their lack of understanding of the artwork. Given that it was found at a Jedi temple, it’s pretty obvious the figures are symbolizing the light and dark side of the Force (not to mention the embodiment of the dark side looks like an inquisitor that Ezra has previously faced) . While attempting to decipher it they are caught out by troopers.

Wolves and A Door served to excite the senses as the story element was somewhat lacking. The only reveal was that of the Mortis Gods which is where the next episode presumably goes. There wasn’t much drama or gripping tension aside from Sabine being captured, which obviously took a back seat to Ezra’s disappearance. I hate to say filler as that implies laziness. Instead I’ll say this was a transitional episode for an obvious continuation but still fast paced fun to come.

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