Star Wars Rebels: 4.10 Jedi Night

Well that was different, emotional and one hell of a way to come back from a mid-season break. Star Wars Rebels returns to our screens, and with only six episodes left I suppose we should all be expecting some serious shocks and surprises.

Jedi Night begins where we left off (if you need a re-cap, check out my last review here), with Kanan desperate to get to work on rescuing Hera who’s being tortured for information by Governor Pryce. Given his personal feelings, he instructs Ezra to take lead on the rescue; this was not the only change he makes. To the best of his abilities (he is blind if you’ve forgotten) he cuts his hair and beard (I’m sure there’s some hidden more artsy meaning here but I’ve no idea what it is), better resembling his season one self. Unable to get close enough to rescue Hera by ship, the team decide to build gliders in the hope they’ll be mistaken for Loth-Bats. They were built in montage form and flown using Star Wars style physics (making very little sense).

True to form, Hera withstands the punishments of emotional and physical torture, which I should add, for a kids show shown at 9am, was very dark, not that I’m complaining. Unable to extract information they decide to use a mind probe which essentially injects her with truth serum. Why they didn’t just do this first, who knows. Just in the nick of time before she can reveal any vital information, Kanan arrives to rescue her, while Ezra and Sabine go in search of a better form of transport for the escape. The following scene between Hera and Kanan was great, it was delightful to see the two together and once again having comedic banter, not to mention this was a beautiful scene as Hera finally says “I love you” to Kanan. Ezra and Sabine manage to acquire a fighter and go to pick up the love birds; this is where the show went crazy. Pre warning heavy SPOILERS ahead.

With the happily ever after in sight something was bound to happen. Governor Pryce had the fuel tanks the rebels were attempting their escape from shot down. With a gigantic explosion right before departure, Kanan, in an act of pure love and heroism, uses the Force, generating a shield. Hera on the other hand, only moments prior letting her love for him be known runs towards him. Clearly using what little energy he had left Kanan uses the Force to push Hera back and the fighter into the air though not before looking directly into her eyes, his sighht returning to normal and the two sharing a single moment that spoke a thousand words. Jedi Night finished with Kanan's demise depicted in utter, respectful silence.

Jedi Night, while not a massive shock to the system, was powerful, emotional and I believe sets a precedent for what’s to come. Also working well as a tie in, helping to connect the rest of the universe as we get a nice dialog heavy scene with Moff Tarkin and Thrawn discussing Krennic’s plan, as seen in Star Wars: Rogue One.

Side note: I love how it’s being broadcast. Prior to this, it had been shown two episodes at a time; given the outcome, I think it’s a way of allowing audiences to take in what happened. If the show automatically continued immediately to the next episode, the impact would be significantly diminished.

Welcome back Star Wars Rebels I can’t wait to see what’s ahead.

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