Star Wars: Droid Tales - 1.01 - Exit From Endor

Star Wars: Rebels gave us our first view of Star Wars the Disney way and they impressed us. Set between episodes III and IV it managed to do everything right that the prequels did wrong and was the is the best non-interactive Star Wars creation in thirty years.

Shockingly, with Star Wars: Droid Tales they seem to have struck gold twice. The first episode is something of a recap that is a GREAT introduction for youngsters who may be arriving at Star Wars for the first time. Its a collaboration with LEGO and the first episode is one of the funniest looks back at the events of the first two prequel films we've seen; even more so as it's done with both warmth AND a cheeky wink. In 'Exit from Endor' we see Jar Jar Binks meet an end within seconds of his appearance TWICE; a sly nod to the fans who hated the characters existence in the first place. Not only that, the first mention of taxation of trade routes sees every character other than C-3PO fall asleep.


In fact, Droid Tales may be Lucasfilm and Disney's first real admission that the prequel trilogy really wasn't very good. In the space of the first episode we cover the key plot points of the first two films and had a laugh at the same time. The last few seconds take a sudden turn and add a nice layer of intrigue going forward.

The makers of Droid Tales clearly love the films and are still more than comfortable with pointing out their flaws in a way that makes us chuckle. It also gives us more good feelings that Disney actually understand the Galaxy far, far away far better than George Lucas himself ever did...

Star Wars: Droid Tales is currently showing on Disney XD.

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