Spoiler-Free Advance Review: Series 10, Episode 6

This is it. The final Spooks advance review, the last time I will hint vaguely about upcoming spy activity. So, with ten years to resolve, not to mention a convoluted Russian family saga from this series, can they do it? Is this the satisfying ending we’ve all been hoping for?

Well, long story short: Just about. A few more spoiler-free hints follow...


To be honest, I feel bad writing a substantial preview for this, as most of the appeal is seeing exactly how they end it, and to even hint at the arc of the episode is to risk giving that away.

But I will say that they left a decent amount of plot twists for this final week, you won’t complain nothing happens. Whether this storyline is the most logical or immersive is less certain, but at least it’s given them fodder for final-week melodrama.

As with last week, fans of Erin, Dimitri or Calum (the one who never even got his own spotlight episode) might feel shortchanged. Once again, it’s all about Harry Pearce and the characters in his orbit.

To be honest, it might’ve been nice to see a finale with more sweeping, epic scale, one which tries to cap off the entire enterprise rather than focusing on a small section of it, but this ending does what it sets out to do. We long-term fans do at least get a few easter eggs thrown in.

If you have any attachment to Spooks... well, you’re probably watching anyway. They’ve given it a decent send-off, if not one that will quite make it onto our top ten series finales list, and I’ll miss the team. Feel free to chip in below with your memories of the often-endangered spies of Thames House, not to mention hopes and fears for the finale.

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